Hi everyone! are there any writers or any volunteers around?


First of all we are new to forum and hope we can have good time in here.

I am sure there are plenty of good information we can find on this forum.

autotua net is an eco friendly cars blog that you can find informations about hybrid, electric cars and alternative fuel vehicles.

We are looking for car enthusiasts who can write for our blog. If you would like to write about eco friendly cars please and share your opinions and articles with all around the world please contact us at contact[at]autotua[dot]net

You can be a guest writer or a volunteered permanent writer at our blog.

Thanks everyone



I would have an interest in contributing to your blog.

I am a new member here at this forum and am currently performing my due diligence on which NEV I will be purchasing, as well as exploring the option of converting my ICE car to electric or buying an EV.

Now, the full disclosure…

I am not doing any of this in an effort to save the polar bears, penguins or the earth.

Although I am concerned about pollution & squandering natural resources, I am more concerned about pumping Billions of $$ into the pockets of radical oil producing countries that would do us harm.

My personal interests are driven more by the technology, i.e. solar, batteries and electric vehicles, and the financial savings that could be realized once one is self generating most of their energy needs, than in reducing an arbitrary carbon footprint.

If interested, please feel free to contact me.

If not… I understand.