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I just wanted to be the first one to personally welcome you to the new EV Forum (electric vehicle forum). We want to give all of us Electric Vehicle Enthusiasts a place to talk, EV passion and share current EV News.

Please join me and other fellow EV Enthusiasts worldwide to make a change for the better. The key to change is community, knowledge (education) and the conscious decision to take action.

I thank you in advance for you comments and posts.

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Hello, I just signed up to be a member. I have wanted to see a forum of this kind for a while. I love electric cars and would like to own one soon. Anyways just wanted to say I hope this forum takes off.

Hi! Just joined your forum. My plan is convert my car to a PHEV - while retaining the original engine. The Electric part will be used to assist the engine at higher speeds, or for local driving without using the internal combustion engine. At the moment the idea is still in its infancy, but I will post details of my ideas / questions as time goes on :slight_smile:


Hello Matt aka landspeed. Welcome to the forum. Sounds like a fun project cant wait to see the progress. Until then…

Hello EVeryone, I just went to Penslyvania and bought a 93 Saturn to make into a EV. As you can tell I am very excited as this is something I wanted to do for a long time. Now that I am retired I have the time and a loan from the bank to make this possible. I have the motor and the inverter the car and some other things. I would be working on it but my power is out and I can’t get it on the hoist yet. :slight_smile: I’ll keep you posted and take and post lots of pics.

Welcome, Bob … Cant wait to see the pics and progress of your project. Saturn should be a good car for a conversion.

Hello all. I’m also new here.

I became interested in EVs after returning from Iraq with the realization that there has to be something better than fossil fuels for energy generation/transportation (and something better than relying on Middle Eastern countries for something so valuable).

I also have a guy that works for me that gets 100% of his power from Solar and Hydro power, generated on his land - he’s not even hooked to the grid! When I saw how viable his lifestyle is, I really got interested. While looking for solar panels etc. on the internet, I came across some EV info… I’m hooked.

In the near future, I’m looking to convert a light truck to an EV for my daily commute.

I’m really looking forward to this forum to take off and help raise awareness/educate!

Hello, I’m Lawrence Stockman and I live in Delaware. I have to say, it’s wonderful to see a forum dedicated on the topic as they’re far and few in between. Much like most of you, I have dreamed of electric cars outnumbering the amount of gasoline based vehicles on our roads. Currently, I’m working with a group to produce a viable vehicle that’s capable of going long distances and at a great rate of speed if needed.

The first version is a conversion as it’s a viable way to reduce costs as well as a great way to recycle a car from a junk yard somewhere. After that, and the concept it proven, we plan on a totally new design to distinguish the concept from another while keeping it affordable for the general public. As with all things, this will take some time but as we’re working as a team, we have more heads to use to tackle problems as they arise.

I hope to see all of your projects as you post them especially if they have pictures. Cheers.

Howdy, just joined today. Name is Mike. I built a couple of electric cars back in the late 70’s and have a rekindled interest. My last electric conversion was a VW beatle using a 200 amp aircraft starter generator for propulsion coupled to the transaxle, running on 72 volts. The car would sustain 55mph. I still have all of the conversion stuff and just recently purchased another transaxle to experiment with. I also own a 74 Sebring-Vangaurd Citicar, production electric car. Hope to visit with you guys from time to time, meanwhile I have some catch up forum reading to do.


Welcome Mike.

Get to work!!! :wink:

Welcome. to evforum Mike , good to have you join. We look forward to your input.

I am converting a 1969 chevy van into an electric truck

[QUOTE=Dr.Frankensickle;563]I am converting a 1969 chevy van into an electric truck[/QUOTE]

Damn you… :wink: You beat me to the classic conversion! Is that a Warp11? I like the look of the “truck”. It reminds me of the Volkswagen trucks back then. Chevy never did a truck like that, did they?

Start a conversion thread with lotsa pics so we can live the conversion life vicariously through you. lol…

Lookin’ good


[QUOTE=inSANe DIEGO;569]Damn you… :wink: You beat me to the classic conversion! Is that a Warp11? I like the look of the “truck”. It reminds me of the Volkswagen trucks back then. Chevy never did a truck like that, did they?

Start a conversion thread with lotsa pics so we can live the conversion life vicariously through you. lol…

Lookin’ good


i always wanted to do a VW Rabbit truck conversion

it is a warp 9 rated for ev s up to 5000 lbs,it will be running on 144 volts of trojan 6 volt golf cart batteries ,curtiss controller,albright contactors,curtiss pot box,no chevy never made one like this ,it was a van that i cut the back off of and chevy made a similar vehicle bases on the corvair van ,it was a truck called the rampside.There is a guy in the kansas city area named don buckshot who has built and is running a vw rabbit truck,he is going to sell it and start another project, I heard him say he wants 10,000 for it …it is a beaut. well worth it. you can find him at the electric car club on yahoo groups .I will keep in touch as well. Dr.Frankensickle…aka Jay:cool: :smiley: :slight_smile: :rolleyes: :wink:


Here is a covair pickup. The side ramp is down and you can see the engine hatch is open.

Still collecting parts,Albright contactors,Curtiss controller.3/0 welding cabledc/dc converter…next the zivan 144 volt charger,then the Trojan’s

pics of the parts and peices?

Hi Guys
This is total awsome, this EV Forum, I hope some day it will become as big as some of the other forum, "Electric cars are the way of the Futur"
So im going to be gathering alot of info and biulding my own as soon as i can find a doner car, and then i hope to forfill my other dream…

Hi there, name is Carl and I’m from New Zealand, and I’m looking to use a Lotus Super 7 replica in combination with a pair of 100hp EV motors and a stack of Toyota Prius (Panasonic I think) batteries to make a drag racing EV … now I just have to learn how to make it work!!!