New To The Forum? Introduce Yourself Here

New to the forum??? Welcome and please take time introduce yourself. It’s always great to here about other people’s projects and ambitions. It’s even better to find out when they are nearby.

[B][U]PLEASE…[/U][/B] At the very least take a couple seconds to click the [B]User CP[/B] tab and enter in your location (specific city is great) so that if you ever post, other members won’t keep asking, “where are you from” to see if they may be able to help you with any locale specific questions. By the same token, it’ll save YOU from having to type where you are every time you post a question regarding local laws, vendor, project, and club locations, etc.


I couldn’t agree more, My name is Steve, I’m from Illinois over by Chicago over in the suburbs. I’ve been obsessed with electric cars ever since i was a little kid playing with RC cars and realized how fast electric cars could be with their parts. I work for a construction company currently and I also do inventing on the side along with many other hobbies. Hopefully as long as the time and money permit i should be able to have my very own electric car here in the next year or so.

greetings from the land of cheese and beer. I’m very new to electric cars but work with industrial batteries, chargers, and forklifts so I guess I have a decent amount of general knowledge in the field. I’m hoping to have an ev built in about two years and use it for all my commuting and errands around Milwaukee.

Other than that I’m pretty boring. I’m rennovating my house, I brew my own beer, one of my life goals is to build a truck mounted trebuchet and go to ren fests as the mobile artillery.

I’m reading a lot on EVs right now. there seems to be a wealth of knowledge out there so I won’t be in here asking stupid questions and denying the laws of physics :smiley: …I do like the fan car concept though

Welcome to the forum Stimpy
So you’re into Ren huh? Okay, i guess that was a stretch, but hey… I’m just an engineering geek.
Truck mounted treb? That’d be a sight. How 'bout doing a rag top converted hearse and mounting the treb in there? Yeah, it’d have to have articulated base uprights, but nothing a couple of hydraulic rams from say a couple of forklifts couldn’t fix. :wink: Then you could be the Death Brigade. :smiley:


…glad to be among fellow geeks. :wink:

I definately see the possibilities of a convertable siege weapon for first strike capabilities, I’m more picturing one so huge if would flip the truck if the stabilizer arms weren’t deployed.

I’m hoping to build an electric motorcycle and I’m working on a design for an E-powered tilting 3 wheeled car/motorcycle. I got interested in electric powered cars as a result of my radio controlled model airplane hobby. About 5 years ago I got rid of all my nitro/gas powered equipment and went all electric, and it didn’t take long to realize that the brushless motors and lithium ion and Li-Poly batteries could be scaled up fairly simply if the porper components could be had. I’m still having trouble wrapping my head around Whr/Mile computations as I’m used to mAH/W computations that I can do in my head!
I also brew my own beer.
Oh, yeah, I’m a Weapons Technician in the US Air Force, and have been for 23 years.

Hi there,

My name is Aubrey and I can’t read so well. I didn’t see this down here until now and already posted about myself in the “new snow” regional area.

I am a machinist and have been most of my life. Even did a five year stint in the US Air Force until destroying a few disks in my back.

I live in the Dallas area and am working on development of some new regeneration ideas for electric vehicles as well as manufacturing an EV myself. I had been dead set on a VW bug for the project but after watching all of these cool motorcyles being built may have to take on another project already :D. Nice to be around folks that share the same obsession.

my name is Toni,

i live in upstate ny, very close to the pa border.
i own my own business, i am a baker.
my boyfriend is very interested in building his own electric car.
he has already built one, (i got to take it for a spin)
it was faster than i ever thought it would be!!!
but he had to take it apart, the controller wasn’t his to keep.
we are going to transform our garage into a machine shop soon.
that will give him alot more room to work on his projects.
(right now to many cars in there)
well, i guess thats my story so far,:slight_smile:

My name is Joshua. I have a B.S. in Physics and will soon finish my MSEE. I currently work as a GPS/Inertial Navigation Systems Test Engineer. My thesis for school will be a proposed refinement to mathematical filters.

Presently I drive a 1999 Mercedes E300 Turbodiesel. My girlfriend drives a 1977 Mercedes 240D. Upon completion of my MSEE degree, I will be writing a grant to develop an EV with a hassle free charging system (no-plug, no paddle, fully automated).

My hobbies are computers (DUH), cars (Again, DUH), and saving as much money as I can (is that really a hobby?)

[QUOTE=hobbes28;1311] Nice to be around folks that share the same obsession.[/QUOTE]

I agree wholeheartedly!

My name is Cory, I’m from Northern Alberta Canada! After recently writing off my 1990 Toyota Starlet GT I’m looking for a new way to feed my need for speed that is both constructive and has a good cost-fun ratio.

Over the next 4-6 months I hope to design and build a 10-15 second Electric Dragster to compete with in late august. I will be chronicling the process on my (soon to be) website .

I look forward to chatting with you all and look forward to sharing as well as hearing about your projects !

Best Wishes!

Howdy, Jim from Oklahoma here. I’m a telecom tech by force of stomach, but a gearhead by choice. I’m so cheap I can squeeze change from a penny, which is good because I’ve got two kids that think I’m a multimillionaire, for some strange reason. Anyway, EVs have always been fascinating to me, and I hope to build one soon.

Hi, I’m Carl from New Zealand

Computer fixeruperer by trade, I spend most of my time fixing computer systems thanks to spyware, adware, and poor customer choice!

Planning to build an electric racer to start ev drags in New Zealand, but I don’t even know basic electrics so might be posting alot!

Hey all
Chris from Kenora Ontario, not exactly the middle of nowhere but you can see it from here.
Soon to be ex-mechanic. hobby machinist, and general tinkerer. Hoping to do an electric conversion but I am just in the research stages right know. An EV may not be realistic in my area with the hilly terrain and bad climate but I am hopeful.

Great site, happy to be here. Plan on building a couple of ev’s. First on the agenda is a 1968 Fiat 850 spider. Just ordered a new 7.0 hp 48 volt motor for it. Looking for 20-25 mile range and 40mph top end. If not this motor will become motorcycle power and I’ll get a larger one for the Fiat. I do have a question concerning the contoller rating. My motor is rated at 133 amps. Can someone tell me the size of controller that I will need? Would a 200 to 250 amp controller be ok? Thanks!

Hello to all,

Name is Ryan and reside near Richmond VA. I know there are serious EV conversion experts here. I am not one of them but like to doodle and ponder. Any of you would like to peek at my dream EV creation I’ve included a link.

Its a pure EV 4-seat design that allows the owner to remove back seat and expand battery. It’s a weight trade off. Either extra passengers/storage or batteries rather than designing a heavier 5 seat hybrid. Anyway, I’ve enjoyed reading some the forums. Very informative.


Hi, I’m Stephen from Greensboro, NC. I would appreciate a PM from any EVers in the area. I build and fight combat robots, I am building a hybrid RC mower and I have an '88 5.0 Mustang that will be the donor for my EV. It has a GVW of 4200 lbs, great aftermarket support, and is built with the same running gear that Ford put under that generation Lincoln. My long range gasoline car is a Mazdaspeed 3. I enjoy the EV forums and have made great contacts in a very short period of time.

Know anyone interested in a blueprinted 5.0 Cobra engine?

Hi Dan from Connecticut USA. before I built up my 1987 toyota supra to get 300 HP i did alot of research , I could get alot more HP out if it if I had money to burn , but I don’t . I’m just about ready to part out all the ICE/turbo mods for a little seed money to start an EV project out of the same car . Everyone i talk to about this does say the same thing , which can be a discouragement but I really think [B]anything is possible if you set your mind to work on it[/B]. currently the car will beat the snot out of most anything it’s next too and it doesn’t take but a 1/2 mile or so , so lack of distance is something I can work with :slight_smile:

Hi All,

I’m Adam from Central Florida…Pilot, business owner, Entrepreneur. With gas where it is going I’m interested in this whole electric vehicle stuff. I’m here to learn and share what knowledge I have. Not only am I interested in wheeled vehicles but being a pilot I would love to get an electric powered aircraft going.

I used to fly RC aircraft and imported lithium polymer batteries for everyone that flew around central FL…so I may be able to help you guys get in contact with some of the manufacturers I delt with about getting large LiPoly batteries. I know a lot about the battery Technology and would be willing to help anyone out if they have questions.

Hello, I’m Mark from Decatur, AL. I have a BSME and was a Submariner for a while. I have just started working at the local nuclear power plant and have to drive 40 miles round trip. I am trying to decide if it would make more sense to build a small commuter car for myself, or a seven passenger model for the family.
I have been watching the ev development for the past 10 years or so, waiting for it to make financial sense. At $4/gal we are getting closer! I don’t know if I will actually start my project anytime soon, but it gives me something to think about anyway.

I’ve been around in these forums starting back in 2006 when the “V is for Voltage” forum was hacked and taken down. Many of the survivors from that forum found themselves over at endless-sphere. At endless-sphere there is what might be called a “purge” taking place right now where several longtime members (like myself) were purged.

Let me ask a simple question…

Is this place a left wing hangout?

Over at endless-sphere the “lefties” have taken over.

Hopefully this place isn’t like that. I’ll be upfront about the fact that I’m conservative and make no excuses or apologies about it.