I've Started a EV Magazine

[B]I think my enthusiasm may have got the better of me but I have come out of retirement and started an online magazine to serve EV manufacturers. The last time I got carried away was back in 1988 when I made a documentary video tape of the International Electric Vehicle Convention and Symposium in Toronto.

It was commissioned by the Electrical Vehicle Association of Canada and I had a grand time taping EVs from all over the world; test driving some and listening to experts talking about the fact that soon 20% of the vehicles on our roads would be electric. That was around 21 years ago and looking back I have the feeling that everyone was being a little too optimistic. I’m hoping this time around we won’t be out smarted by the oil companies and the internal combustion engine manufacturers. I shall do what ever I can to further the cause but in spite of the fact the big car companies have been brought down a notch it is still a David and Goliath situation.[/B]

Hi … good to know you … I am the owner of Hub of Electric Hybrid Vehicles ?( Welcome to EVHUB.BIZ)? … working towards promotion of electric vehicles … an EV enthusiast like you

I don’t understand. You post no link? Am I supposed to guess?

Nice work. Keep it up.

Congratulations. Nice work

was into evs in 1980s and still interested any ev mag is good for todays situation.
The Natural Energy Electric Vehicles (NEEV) story
link to my history pioneering befor the price of gas went down

I know this is an old post, however, just thought I would let you know, there is a Canadian E-Mag out there for electric vehicles.


thanks for that i still have some very old mags called electric vehicle news interesting now as they are historical from the 1975 s shows history repeating itself every generation