The Magic Number - 2 Years

I got new info from PML Flightlink today.

Currently you can get their motors, but at custom build prices, which are mighty high.

We can supply wheel motors and drives to be fitted by the customer to almost any type of vehicle. At present they are all being built by hand to customer order; nothing is available ‘off the shelf’. We quote for each application individually. (As a rough guide, the HPD30 motors are priced at GBP £7420 each and the master controller for 2-wheel drive is GBP £4000. This is the cheapest Hi Pa drive option available.

Double those numbers to convert to dollars.

They are planning to be in mass production within 18-24 months though -

Over the next 18 – 24 months we will be moving into high volume production for the automotive market. Prices will drop to around 7 – 10% of the current prototype prices).

So figure in 2009 the small motors will cost $1480 ea and the master controller $800.

You can get cheaper motors now but you have to have custom fabbed motor mounts and a custom fabbed tranny adaptor. When you figure in the cost of custom parts and labor, it’s not such a bargain.

Also in 2 - 2 1/2 yrs, GM plans to release the first Volts. Right now that looks to me to be the #1 source for advanced nanotech batteries in an automotive friendly format (i.e, in a protective casing designed to resist crash forces).

The way I see it, if you want to build a GOOD EV conversion, wait 2 years for the next gen tech.

at the current i couldn’t agree more… it sucks because the tech is out there but just the cost of it for doing it on an individual basis is rediculious… this is why i dont have stuff made already…

I’d hate to sound like a pessimist, but they’ve been saying “in a couple years” or “in a few years” for a lot of things. I guess we’ll see. I should be finishing up the body, paint and interior about then. I still won’t hold my breath though.
In a couple years the Volt may be released, but I doubt the pack will be something affordable, IF even available.