Open source EV motor controllers

Hey all

Just want to let you all know about my “just another open source EV motor controller” project and website. Wanna
do some controllers from verry eassy to pretty hard … Feel free to qeustion and input. Please note that it is still
a work in progress. I`m currently working on some PCB layouts. Schematics may change a bit still. Altough prototyping
has been done.

Well cheers :wink:

Ps. those who breaks later, runs longer fast :slight_smile:
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Edit: Add another one

good job man

That’s very interesting. I really believe the EV’s have a future, they’re getting better and better. I suppose a lot of people have seen the Tesla Roadster…very, very nice, but the problem is that it has a high price…not that many of us can afford one.
I guess the alternative for us would be those make you car electric guides. I’ve seen some on the internet I even posted on my blog about one, what do you think about them??
I didn’t tested any of these guides so I can’t say for sure but I think they are it…I mean, I don’t have $100,000 to pay on an EV so these guides would be a solution…