Want To Start Ev Project Need Help!

well i found this motor on ebay


and i wanted to know how fast this could take me if my EV weighed about 600 pounds and what kind of batteries should i get to go with them. either 6V or 12V and how much AH should they have. Also could i use this


to control the speed of the car instead of buying an expensive controller. Any help would be amazing.

Both links are for the pot box. The pot box is just an equivalent to the throttle position sensor (TPS) on a fuel injected engine- or throttle blades in a carb. The controller will be like the EFI computer or body and metering jets on a carb. You will still want a controller (the last thing you’d want is a jerry rig jumper-like connection that could fuse together in full throttle :eek: ). Depending on how much voltage and amperage you will be running, expense may not be high. If your vehicle will weigh 600lbs you probably won’t be needing much of a controller. Just a golf cart controller may do all you need.

  1. What kind of top speed would you like?
  2. What is your desired minimum time to cruise or top speed?
  3. What kind of range are you looking for?


this is the link to the motor i want so how fast do you think i would be able to go. i want like a 30-50 mile range and a top speed of like 45mph.

here the link to the motor