Supplier for wheel hub motors?

I’m looking to buy some in wheel motors like these:

Those are nice but i can’t find any sort of price for them…and the US distributor doesn’t have any links to them on their site.

are there any other companies that produce these types of motors?

after looking arround on their site, they are just the manufacturer. they have a list of suppliers here:

I suggest contacting them just to get a price quote.

let us know what you find out, and make sure to ask if there is a discount for mass purchases and if so, how much of a discount there becomes.

I asked for a price quote back in June - here’s what PML Flightlink said-

At present they are all being built by hand to customer order; nothing is available ‘off the shelf’. We quote for each application individually. (As a rough guide, the HPD30 motors are priced at GBP £7420 each and the master controller for 2-wheel drive is GBP £4000. This is the cheapest Hi Pa drive option available. Over the next 18 – 24 months we will be moving into high volume production for the automotive market. Prices will drop to around 7 – 10% of the current prototype prices). With some basic information we can quickly size and quote for the wheel motors and drives required for each application.

I decided to wait a couple years for the price of the next-gen motors and batteries to come down, but I don’t commute to work every day.