How to install hub motor?

How would i mount a hub motor like this in a vehicle?

I don’t know what they use.
Something like this?

Bolt it to the steering knuckle what does it look like he has it attached to? I cant tell

Well rats rats rats
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Last Friday I ordered an AC induction motor and controller from a Canadian company, yesterday I saw this post. THIS is what I want…

Ali express lists a kit with 2 3000 W hub motors 2 Kelly controllers, an Excelerator pedal, and dashboard unit for about $1500 including shipping.

The manuals for the controllers are online. Software for android is available .

One or two of these motors on the rear wheels I think would work for me. The drawings indicate 100 mm on the bolt circle for the wheels. I can’t touch my gem right now, what is the standard GEM bolt circle?

I think putting the motors on the rear wheels close to the battery pack and eliminate the gearbox is the way to go.

The hardest part will be mounting the stub axle/s.

I’m really tempted to try and cancel my AC induction motor order and go this route .

how do you provide brakes?

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$1500, with that budget, possibilities are unlimited. I’m trying to be at about $750 for 10kw of bolt on parts.
Only sw stands in my way, but at this point, it seems insurmountable without paid consultation.
What are your goals?

It comes with hydraulic disc brakes that bolt on to the hub motor, also you still have the brakes in the front.
Hopefully the regen is usable too.