AC motor sneak peak on my 2004, 4 seater GEM

I’ll do a full write up of my experience of converting to AC when I am done, but I couldn’t resist tossing out this sneak peek image. Clearance is about 1mm seemingly everywhere, but by golly, it fits! I notched and welded the square tubing behind the motor. That was part of the frame, but it aided in insertion and will prevent any future rubbing.
I also had to drill and tap the motor in order to grab all 6 mounting holes in the trans.
My fabrication skills have gotten much better over the years so this is all very exciting.

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Oh, you have the blue motor. That’s more money. :slight_smile:

Thought it might be fun to stand out from the pack. I had it apart anyhow. I need to make a Drive-4-Fun sticker or something. :grimacing:

Gutsy move! I only had one apart, to machine flange for a Ruff and Tuff.
Tight bolts aren’t they?
Nice with no brushes to deal with.

Felt like they had a splash of generic lock tight on them was my impression. I didn’t see any red or blue, just white. The Milwaukee cordless ratchet wasn’t too pleased but soldiered on.

Drilling and tapping was the scary part for me.


Do you do right turns only? :worried:

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Hah. Amazingly enough I can get 97% of the way to full lock. I might go for some thicker wheel spacers once I start testing.

I’m getting all excited. Looking forward to the conversion soon.

Very nice! Glad to see you join us. I’m sure I won’t hear anything but pure enjoyment once you’re up and running. It’s a game changer!!!

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So just checking on this is still FWD or did you move it to the rear ? My phone pictures are hard to tell. Ether way nice job and best of luck.

RWD would be amazing, but I don’t think I have enough free time to knock that kinda mod out. :grinning:. Maybe someday.

Still super cool. I guess I will let you know when I have completed my RWD conversion . I am re making the rear sub section where it bolts to the cab back.oh yes did I tell you that I’m using smart car motor and subframe. Surprisingly they are very similar in how they attach to the body/cab . I will put some pictures on the forum soon . Thanks Rodger

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Matt: I have not seen a Blue AC motor. Where did you get that one? Or did you just simply paint your New AC motor blue?

@grantwest - I think it is painters tape to cover the holes… just a guess

I had to pull the black mount off the motor in order to drill and tap it for the mounting holes I have on my transmission. I had it sitting right next to my recently pulled R4F motor which is of course blue and that gave me the idea. Since the endplate was already off I thought it might be funny to paint the housing blue since I already had the enamel and it would make it look like the R4F one, as well as make mine stand out since you guys all have this one too. No good reason to do it ultimately, just being silly.

Ok that Explains it. I thought you might have a different version of the AC motor.

Hey on the AC motor subject. Here is a Tip for man handeling that beast. I took 2 old battery cables I had laying around and converted them to carry handles. These allow you to hold and install the motor at a much better position. The motor has 4 threaded inserts that you can use the battery cables to create these handles


Super smart trick. Hopefully mine wont have to come out again and make me use it.