Sway Bar

Hey I’ll try and make a long story short, when I took out all the flooded lead acid batterys out of my gem car the car rode so stiff it was a joke. Ya see the car was designed to carry almost 500 Lbs in battery and when I removed that weight the shocks were way to stiff. So I searched around and the only shocks that I could find were some Air Shocks off a Honda Gold Wing. Well they made the ride awesome but they are to soft and they don’t make stiffer springs Ect. I have come to the conclusion that a sway bar addition will fix my problem. The car rides great in a straight line it just handles like a desert truck on the road and the lean in the corners is insane. Well this is where it gets tough.
It’s hard to find any information because this is like a 1 off application. I was looking for some guidance in trying to set somthing up. Being a complete rookie at sway bars I am looking for some Ideas.

The Rear Sway bar looks pretty easy, as most of the parts I would need it would seem I can buy them off the shelf. The Question becomes what size bar to go with? There seems to be a Million different combos you can not only choose the thickness of the bar but also the length of the arms that exact twist on the bar. So the longer the Arms the more twist and then to further the possibilities where you decide to mount the arms also has an effect on leverage. I will be totally guessing on this one and to make matters worse the bars are not return Obel once you try them their yours

Now as far as the front goes I think I’m going to mount the sway bar at the rear of the A-frame and have the arms coming forward.


Did you get my message on isolating each shock?


Do you have the rear shock air lines tied together in a Y to one fill inlet?
You may be unloading Left into Right. Each shock should stand independently.
my .02

Rodney I think your on to somthing. The shocks share a common tube. So in Theroy on shock being pressed down can charge the other shock. I never thought about it but your 100% right simpley removing the tube that links the 2 shocks together might solve this whole thing

pinch off the line with a pair of baby vice grips and take it for a ride. Have you got the same set up on the front?

I found these Air fittings they are on order Im not sure Pinching the lines will do the trick and yes I have the same set up up front. These should screw into my shocks and give me the ability to adjust them seprate

Well first off, Rodney’s Idea of isolation of the shocks worked. It took away about 50% of my sway issues. I reached out to rathracing.com and they specialize in Side by side and ATV sway bars. They have a bar that looks like it will fit my needs. It’s still going to require some mods but it’s a start. Here is concept of what I was thinking

This is the front sway bar it needs some mods to make it work but I’ll get it going

I’m not seeing it.:confused:

Mounting point on “A” arm doesn’t have much travel.

The mounting points will need risers so that the sway bar sits several inches higher than the a arms

I figure it’s gonna need 4 inch risers

What I mean is the distance from “A” arm pivot.
If attach point is only 2" out, and wheel center is 10" out, that’s a huge mechanical advantage on the sway bar.

See how close to wheel

I see what your talking about. My original Idea what that the arms would need to be or should be further out towards the wheel. I thought the Arms should have a bend in them. example the arms would extend out towards the Aarms and then bend out towards the wheel so the Aluminum arms would have the same shape as the a arms.

Example this is what I was thinking

That sounds better.
Can you show pictures to your sway bar place?