Need Ford Think shocks

A couple of shocks on my cart are leaking and need to be replaced. I’m looking for new or used shocks, any suggestions where to buy or does anyone have some used ones for sale?

I have a pair of shocks that I used for a few months. They’re in like new condition except for the rubber grommets on top as they didn’t come with new ones when I bought them. Will sell for $100. If you’re interested I would need to go to my storage unit and see if I can find them. I’m in between houses so I have stuff all over the place.

Yes I’m very interested, what other parts do you have available? I live in the Sacramento area in California, where are you located?

Oscar Olivera…

@Oscar I’m trying to find 4 new shock and don’t want to spend the padded price that some are selling for. I’m getting ready to measure mine, calculate vehicle weight needs and cross reference. What I’m finding is I will possibly find a pair of adjustable for way less than the $250 plus advertised.

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Since this vehicle was built by Ford I wonder if the part numbers for the shocks can be cross referenced with another vehicles shocks. Some of the parts on the Think are the same as the Ford Ranger.

Problem is that they are not just shocks, but coil over springs on the shocks that hold up the car.

What Ford vehicle had that?

I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking.

I found them. Here’s a link to the ad I posted selling them so you can see pictures
Ford Think Shocks - Buy, Sell, & Trade - Electric Forum

This is a number for cross referencing shocks (2E38-18128-AC 254-N).
I will be swapping my backs with my fronts this weekend, so I’ll be able to take accurate length measurements and read the rest of the numbers on the shocks.
Hopefully, one of us will be able to find a comparable pair, just like the dealers selling them over-priced did. Once I get Length plus add the vehicle weight ratings, I may be able to find one that works.

Many have tried to cross reference the factory number with no luck. I have done a little research and was thinking a set of atv shocks would probably work but never got around to measuring them. I know the ones nev accessories sell are a little longer than the stock ones and was told the number stamped on them is 20310149 but I have no idea who makes them. I’m sure they pay a tenth of what they sell them for as they really mark up everything else they sell so I’m sure these are no different. When you get the measurements let me know and I’ll look as well.

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Thanks for the research, when I get mine off I’ll measure and let you know. Meanwhile I found a couple shocks someone had and also found some on e-bay. My original ones are leaking so have to replace them asap…

I’m in the same boat, would appreciate you sharing any intel you uncover.

I’m looking into these, waiting on specs. Keeping fingers crossed as they are less than $100 per pair.

WOW, I just paid $100. dollars for a used set, I can use another set for the front of my cart. Where are these available"

Did you get your old ones off and get measurements. I just haven’t had time to take one of mine off. I know I’ll find some that fit with the correct specs, if I just had the measurements.

The shocks measure overall: rear 17 9/16" and front is 17". The front shock has about 1 1/2" more travel that the rear. The shocks appear to be interchangeable even though the rear has a larger rubber insert at the bottom mount. I’m using rear shocks all the way around and it’s working just fine.

All 4 shocks are the same size, as I just swapped the back shocks with the fronts, this weekend, to correct a driver front sag. So I was able to get measurements of my factory ones.
Can anyone confirm these specs?
Extended Length is close to 18"
Compressed Length is approximately 13"
Travel is 5"
Coil Spring Diameter is about 2 1/4"
I found 2 coil over shocks with these specs, but I can’t find any load specs of original shocks.
I have all the vehicle weights, but need to confirm it for the shocks.

The original shocks on my cart; the front shocks had about an 1 1/2" more travel than the rear shocks. The front and rear shocks fit in either position, but they are not the same. Presently I running all four rear shocks.

My shocks are all original as well, and were all the same length. I don’t know for sure, but I read in the forum all 4 shocks are exactly the same specs.

The difference may be that my cart has a utility bed, not a four seater.