Need Ford Think shocks

What is the final verdict? My shocks need replacement ASAP. Thank you all for your contributions btw.

The shock I posted a pic of, was the right length, and other specs, but ended up having a 150 pound load spec. I have found a couple of alternatives, but have not been able to get the load specs for them.
I also found adapters to change from stem top to the same as the bottom of the shock, which opens up some more possibilities.
So as for now there are no other alternatives.

What is the load spec we’re looking for? I’d love to join the search efforts.

So far I’ve determined the following:
Extended Shock Length is close to 18"
Compressed Shock Length is approximately 13"
Shock Travel is around 5"
The spring weight is the most important. This is where I’m having trouble finding the right shock. Too much and it will ride too stiff, too little and it will sag.
We have the gross vehicle weight of 2100lb. I found a calculator so now I have to take some measurements of the lower arm and angle of shock.
This may be a waste of time, but I’m sure getting an education on coil over shocks.

Why not just swap the springs onto the new shocks and run with it? 150lbs shock load each should be sufficient.

For reference, my 1966 Mustang weighs approximately 2,500 lbs and most guys use -200lbs springs in the rear and -400lbs in the front for road application. The weight distribution for a vintage Mustang is approximately 60%front/40%rear due to engine weight.

For example, a pair of 250# spring will compress 2" to support 1000# load, A 175# spring would need to compress 2.875" to support the rear of the car at the same height…

Our Ford NEV’s weight approximately 1350 lbs, with a gross vehicle weight (with batteries, etc) of 1,900 lbs.

It doesn’t work that way when shocks are fine and springs are sagging. I was also told coil over shocks are built different.
Here is a pic of my 4 seater sticker for weight reference. The sticker shows GVWR of 1043kg/2300lbs. I did confirm all 4 shocks are the same, even though the sticker shows different weight references for front and rear.:

These coil over shocks are promising, but I’m waiting for confirmation of spring weight on them, before trying them out. Coil Over Shocks, Fit Ball Joint Front VW, PAIR, Compatible with Dune Buggy : Automotive

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I have recently read in several forums where people are going to air shocks. Has anyone put air shocks on their Neighbor? This may be a solution to the current high cost of replacement shock, and give the ability to get named brand full warranty shocks. I just ordered a pair of GABRIEL 49614 - HiJackers.
I’m going to experiment next week, when they get here, with putting these on the front to see how the ride is. This may also take care of the 1" lift I need. No pain no gain.


Sounds like a great solution, let me know how it goes…

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A few guys here have successfully put air shocks on GEMs.

Someone else ordered the EMPI coil over shocks and will test them.
So I ordered a pair of Gabriel Hijacker 49614 air shocks to try.
Extended Length 19.04"
Collapsed Length 11.94"
Air pressure of 25 min – 200 max psi
1,100 pounds of leveling capacity per pair
Average $70 per pair or less.
I’ll install and test them, and report back.

Successfully Installed front air shocks, pumped them up and the ride is way smoother. I will install an AIR LIFT 25804 Air Shock Controller Kit, that’s coming today. Rear shocks coming at end of week.
If all goes well, I will have less cost, in 4 Gabriel air shocks and the pump system, than if I purchased 2 of the available replacement coil over shocks at over $300 with shipping. If I fail, I will try plan B.
I realize air shocks are not for everyone, but I like the idea of controlling my height and ride, and am experimenting with different suspensions.

UPDATE 11/07/2021:
I installed the AIR LIFT 25804 Air Shock Controller Kit. It was pretty easy to install, after deciding where to mount the compressor, run lines and power to switch, and mount the gauge. The compressor pumps up the shocks pretty fast. I needed around 150psi for the height I wanted. The ride is excellent, and it handles speed bumps, turns, potholes, etc. way better than my coil over shocks.
So time will tell if this is a viable alternative.

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That’s where I got mine. However they are closeout with minimal warranty. I didn’t care because I was in test mode.

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Still running strong on the Gabriel Hijacker 49614 air shocks, I installed on the front of my Think.
And the AIR LIFT 25804 Air Shock Controller Kit is doing its job when needed. You don’t really need to spend the money on the Air Lift, as I have never had to add air, because there are no leaks. However, it’s nice to raise and lower the suspension when desired or needed.

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If you’re still looking for Think factory shocks, I have the 4 original shocks that were just taken off my 2002 Ford Think 4 passenger car. I had mine replaced with the red ones from NEV Accessories recently and my mechanic sent the used shocks back with my car when he was done. I’m happy with the new coil over shocks.

Hey @Mrbig how are the air shocks doing? I need to replace my front OEM shocks and would like to do the same conversion.
Did they just go straight in without any modification? Did you need any extra hardware?

They are fine. I like the way the Think handles and the fact that I can adjust the air pressure on the fly. I installed an on-board pump as well. The shocks I purchased are no longer available. However, you can purchase another model Gabriel shock that fits the length and travel specs.

I noticed the ones you used have been discontinued, although can be found on ebay. Do you happen to know of any comparable shocka (Gabriel or other another brand) that is a similar spec? None of the shock manufacturer websites allow you to search by size, they all just ask for your make and model of vehicle which is not much help to us.

Call Gabriel and give them the old part number and they will give you a similar shock number. You can go a little shorter.

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I have two 12 3/4" and two 11" new coil overs ordered for a sold car.
Lend them or sell them $50 each.

9mm wire.
I have a supplier for these and will get more if they work out.
4 pieces 12"cc 8 mm wire have been sold (but may be available). Wire actual measured near 7 mm for soft ride with lithium.

These take a month when ordered so save some time testing.