Need Ford Think shocks

Is this for me? I actually ordered 3 sizes for testing.
The other ones are lighter yet.

@Inwo yes. I am looking for front shocks. don’t want weak ones.

I was able to find these Gabriel HiJackers 49614 and ordered 2 sets (brand new for 130 with tax/shipping) :grinning: to do the front and back on my newly purchased Think 2 passenger. Were there any modifications you needed to make in order for these shocks to work (front and rear)?

I will also be changing the ball joints and adding in my D&D motor soon with a reprogram of the D2 controller and I should be ready to rock!

That’s a great deal. They bolt right on. You will love the D&D motor with the controller programmed.

I was amazed myself and said this is a no brainer.

For anyone looking I found them at

Thanks for the info!


I highly recommend an onboard pump. No matter how sealed they are, air shocks always leak very slightly. I’m able to pump them up however I want, on the fly.
I went with this one and am super happy. AIR LIFT 25804 Air Shock Controller Kit : Automotive

That’s weird, they are air shocks not coil over suspension. Do they actually work alone? Soft ride?

They are Air Shocks. I have them on my 4 seater with an onboard pump. The ride is very smooth and corners very well.

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So the 49614’s are nowhere to be found, just got an email back saying they refunded my money. I ended up getting the 49173’s at around $100 per pair with virtually the same specs.

Now I might have to wait to add the onboard pump…… who am I kidding!

Pretty much any air shock will work with the same or close specs to the Gabriel 49614