Ford Think Stripped and Rebuild, I need ideas please

I have a Ford Think rolling chassis. All electronics have been sold. I’m thinking of going with the d&d es-18a 8 hp motor and a navitas 600 amp controller. I’m planning to use a club car precedent wiring harness for the mcor throttle. I will use lithium batteries. Can anyone give me some advice on what they would recommend instead of my current plan?

See if they make an a.c. motor short enough to fit.
If you insist on dc, I have a nav controller. Let me see how many amps it is.
600 amps won’t hurt but way over kill for a little motor.
If you have fab skills, I have a think gearbox here, and can show you how motors fit it.

Contact Advance Lift Motors, they’ve an ac motor that will fit.

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They recommended me to HPEVS for an AC motor.

Please let me know what you have

I’m looking for a machine shop to modify the big 8kw motor to fit think.
Trans would still need to be tipped for 14" long motor.
Anyone on here that can help?

I don’t have a big shop, but from what I understand of the project I could handle this pretty easy.

Getting the items here would be tough. I wonder if I can scrounge up half a trans case for mockup and you can send me your drive flange and motor bell.

Or, I’ll send you a set of transfer punches and you can mark the bell yourself.
Shoot- I’ll even send you a drill and tap and walk you through the process.

If we can figure out best way to mark the flange I’ll cut it. That is only one thing to ship now.

Need a 10" lathe or mill with rotary table. My brother lost his lathe in the fire.
I have a small drill/mill and wonder if they make a table for milling a circle.
Motors have an alignment flange/lip to fit trans. This pair are both recesses so the motor flange needs to be milled off, leaving a lip to fit trans. Different diameters so an adapter ring wont work. I think.

I can swing 10.5 before things start getting close to crashing. If I need anything bigger I can go over to a friend’s shop. He’s got the bigger toys I can play with. I need to go do something for him anyway.

Let me see if I can find who’s got the junkyard stash of gearboxes out here on the WCoast. Or maybe I can get a 1/2 case from Rodney to fit it to?

Do you feel like knocking that motor plate off the front? or do you think shipping the heavy parts back/forth just for a little trim is good for backup plan?

Hopefully you can find someone local that can do it.

I have a transmission from a think and the end off motor. I’ll get some pictures.
Don’t want to get in too deep until I find someone with a think to hot rod.

I picked up that Think transmission off ebay. Hoping it makes it way down before Friday. I’ve got a 8kw motor and the OEM 48v GEM motor. I’ve been working on finding the machine shop but if @AssyRequired can do it, even better! I’m actually headed to Newport/Huntington beach Friday/Sat and can drop off parts.

Are we talking ac or dc drive? What controller do y’all recommend?

If the motor can be made to fit, the same 8kw a.c. motor kit as we use in Gem car.
Sevcon gen4 controller.
It’s by no means certain to fit.


The Think 6.102" lip is what we need on my motors.
A graziano adapter comes up on google but only with a motor.
These drawings match the Think.


Adaptor ring for turning.


Or aluminum.