Upgrade controller and motor?

I bought a Think that runs great but the battery charge level in the dash is stuck on
5 bars and never drops. I read it might be the motor controller not working correctly. Speed works, turn signal indicators in dash, park brake indicator, total miles and charging icon all work well. It will not switch to “Trip Miles” though. I checked and the motor controller only has 2 rows of 4 pins so probably has “Rev 1” controller and a gray electric motor. I was told that is probably the stock 4HP motor. Cars will go 26 MPH in D…
Would it be worth the $$ to change to Rev 2 and a bigger HP motor??

Depends on the cost and your abilities.
For $1700 we can get you a 35 php ac motor and controller.
Capable of ~double speed $9000rpm.
@MikeKC may do a deal for the first Think.

I am sure we can work something out :slight_smile:

What motor and controller is that? I’m interested.

8kw AC motor
Sevcon Gen4 Controller
Search this forum on AC conversions and start reading up, there is a ton of info about it.

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Not sure if there would be enough room for the AC motor on a Ford Think, it’s a little tight. I’ve been meaning to measure to see if one would fit but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. I’ll do it when I get back from vacation.
The 4 hp motors and controllers are junk. Ford replaced them for free per TSB 03-1-3 when they were under warranty because they were nothing but problems. Most were upgraded to a 6 hp motor and a D2 controller under warranty but a few never were.

We also have light weight stubby pmac motors that may fit better. Much larger diameter but short.MVC-001F


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I have a chance to acquire 50 motors like your sample pmac for 1/2 Price.
If you can test and build a market for them, there could be a large saving over the big 8kw induction motors.
The kit would be nearly identical to build.
If things continue to be slow, I may try to sell motor/controller combos without support for the diy’ers.

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Will these motors fit s Think? If so how much $ ?

It would be tight but it might fit. I don’t know if it has enough HP for a Think (they are heavy)
I might be able to go measure one tomorrow.
@Inwo - any input on enough power to move a Think?

Don’t know about the small pmacs. No room for an 8kw motor?
I have a 10kw pmac same frame as your sample. Wish we could have scored that junker Think for testing.
What gears in a think. Pmac is limited to 5k rpm generally.
I still have a short ~5kw new Gem induction motor.
Really the first think should be shipped to you. Maybe we could do a deal to help with shipping.

Gear ratio is 10.3. Not a lot of extra room for a bigger motor on the Think. The axle stops you from going much wider and the frame from going much longer.

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The short Gem AC motor is 10".

The clearance is closer to 9"

More pictures please.
I would like to figure something out. First transaxle I’ve seen with so little clearance.

Can anything be shifted or clearanced for another inch?

They are tight like I said, when I saw my first one a couple weeks ago. I think the 5KW AC motor would fit but that is about it.

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Finally found a picture.

Ford-Diff1 $_1.jpeg

Looks to me like rotating the trans back one hole would allow a longer motor under the frame.