D&D blue motor upgrade

Does anyone here know what the correct D&D Motor part number is for our Ford Think? Are there other alternative “direct replacement” motors to consider?
(I currently have a 6HP motor and Rev2 controller.)

Any info would be greatly appreciated. :nerd_face:

The D&D motor doesn’t make a big difference over the stock 6 hp motor. The D&D motor number for the Ford Think is ES18A. A few guys are in the process of trying to get an AC motor installed but that will require replacing the controller as well and some wiring. This will be a huge improvement over both the stock and D&D motors. If you’re looking for speed I would wait for the AC conversion. It should get the Think well above 50 mph


I have one available

I have a 4 seater with 4 HP motor. Just got it and it overheated during an evening drive within our community with some hills and 4 people. Our luck was that it happened at the bottom of the hill, and we took turns pushing it up. Not looking for speed, just enough to go around without worrying about overheating. Would the 7 hp blue motor be sufficient for this and direct swap without need for new controller?

Chances are it has a D1 controller and that should be upgraded to a D2 controller.

Hi David, based on these pictures, you think it’s D1 or D2? https://imgur.com/a/ReZSIKY

Based on last 2 digits in serial number it is a D2

Thank you. I had no idea where to look but I see it now.

I assume the D&D 7HP is the way to go over my stock 4HP? I know its a direct swap, but does the D2 controller need to be reprogrammed? My current setup goes 25 MPH if that means anything.

That’s a D2. It looks old so it may need to be rebuilt in the near future. Try not to get it wet as the old ones tend to let water seep in. Yes it will need to be programed if you want to go over 25 mph or buy a magic magnet but the writing on the blue tape makes it seem like it has already been programmed. The D&D motor is probably your best bet for the money. Where do you live? If you’re close I could hook you up with the programming.

If I don’t mind the 25mph and not want to go over, then no need to reprogram when swapping the new motor?

I’m in Northern California, and only drive it for golf and within the residential gates, so doesn’t get beat up too much. Will mind to keep on cart path if there’s wet grass now. If you are close gladly accept any assistance :slight_smile:

I’m in Florida so that would be a little bit of a drive lol.

Sounds like all you need is a motor and you will be good to go.