Ford Think Golf Cart 72V D&D 7.7 HP Motor and 72 Volt Rev 2 D2 Controller

Like New 72V D&D 7.7 HP Motor (only used a couple times) and 72 Volt Rev2 D2 Controller from a Ford Think.

How much are you asking for the motor and controller? What is the model # of the motor? How does this motor compare to the stock 6 hp motor (what speed does it run at / how fast can it go)? Thanks

800 for the motor, 700 for the controller, plus shipping.

Thanks. I am guessing you are upgrading to an AC motor ? Good luck with the sale.


Yes sir I am planning to change everything electrical on it

Hi, been a while since I’ve been on. Motor and controller still available?

Yes sir, they are available.

Hi Brad,
I’d like to buy them from you.
Figure out shipping to Bradford NH and let me know full price. I’ll take a chance on you, write you a check. When it clears, you can send. Sound ok?
Jay DAngona
127 Pleasant View Rd
Bradford NH 03221
I’ll need an address to send the $

That controller looks old and will likely need rebuilding in the near future. I sold a rebuilt controller for $500 just a couple of months ago just so you know what they’re worth.

Hi David, yea, it may need a rebuild, at some point. Probably can do it here if necessary. Or… you may get a frantic post begging for help or an address to send it to you.

They’re not cheap to have them rebuilt. I think FSIP charges around $400. You can see the bottom of the one side is pushed out on this one so if it gets wet it will most likely get water inside which is never good. Search ebay, I’ve seen them for one to two hundred needing a rebuild.