Think a.c. motor fitment

This is a Polaris a.c. motor with a think trans

10 1/4" long
Would need trans shaft retainer flange relieved slightly and holes drilled and tapped in motor bell to fit trans. Bolt circle seems correct but only one bolt lines up.



This is the big motor 14" long.

This is the big motor end bell.
Trans has been relieved with a grinder to fit oem Gem ac motor.
Need more clearance for the 8kw motor by machining the cast iron bell.

This is the big bell.

This is a gem oem ac motor. Needs a lip machined and holes tapped to fit.
It is 10.5" long.




This differential?

They only made the car one year right? Then I can give the differential and the motor housing to a shop and say… make these work :wink:

Let me know cost :money_mouth_face:, I’ll send money.

Like this:



Ok… I put a bid on that ebay differential. See if I get it. I’ll make some calls on the machine shop tomorrow.

Seller accepted my offer on the differential. Now I just need to find someone machine it down. I’ll keep you posted

@TheTurboDad is back in contact. I believe he is going a different direction, so we are on our own until we find a think owner willing to do the work.
He wants me to return his trans.
I will pay you for the trans, but don’t get too much time or money in it, until we find a new Think partner.
It seems think hot-rodders are scarce.

The motor bolts have locktite. Use some heat and they come right out. I marked orientation before removing end bell. In case it makes a difference.

Remember, I’m on a budget here. I don’t have a prospect for selling one yet.:wink:

Haha… All good… I got the differential. I’m just happy you tasked me with something and I can help out

Would be fair if you posted my response on Facebook.

So here it is for the rest of people on here. I’ll do the work for free, send me the motor. I sent you a diff willingly. If you don’t trust anyone then that’s also a problem. If you wwant to share in the R&D so you can then make money selling your kit but you want me to pay upfront full price for it, thats not exactly fair either.

Here is everything from my facebook response.

David Bissen send Ernie that diff I sent you and see if they can makeit work with your motor.
I offered to make it work if you sent me the motor but we couldnt agree on me paying you upfront for something unproven. So I spent the money to ship you the diff to atleast start with that.
I have 2 Thinks here now and one doesn’t have the diff or motor in it currently.
I offer again, send me the motor. If it works I will pay you. If it doesn’t, I’ll send it back. I have no interet in keeping somthing that doesnt work but I am willing to do the labor to figure it out for the community for free.

@TheTurboDad I just bought a differential off eBay and have one of Dave’s motors as an extra sitting in my garage. I’ll try to get a machine shop to make them physically connect. Since you have a THINK without a motor and differential, could be a good drop-in option for you. I’ll get us to that point and then you can work out a price with @Inwo. My only caveat is time. I tried to find a welder to make me an aluminum battery tray for my 2016 Gem and no one wanted to take on a small job. Hopefully, i can find a machine shop to work the motor for me/us.

This is where we left off. I do not have anything tested to fit.

Go for it Ernie. Once you get it figured out let me know.

Ive taken my think down to bare chassis already once and made it easy to dissamble if I need to do it again.

Currently reworking my belt drive and PMAG motor mounting thus why it doesn’t have anything in it.

If you vlogs you can check out my latest upload where I talk about the Think and some of the other projects I’m working in.

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