Shock Absorbers

Best place to purchase shocks for Ford Think NEV?

I have two that I used for about 6 months. Bought them brand new about 2 years ago. Will sell for $100 for the pair plus shipping

Upper bushing are the old ones.

Are your shocks still available for Ford Think?

Are the front and rear interchangeable?


Hey Bob,

I still have them. Yes the front and rears shocks are interchangeable.

If you’re interested send me your address and I’ll let you know how much shipping will be.


Wildwood NJ

Are the original upper shock mount bushings in good condition?
Are replacements upper shock
bushings available ?

I saw that NEV replacement shocks were adjustable. How important is that?

These would be for a 4 seat Think


The bushings are in fair condition but if I was going to install them I would just buy a new set as they’re cheap.

If you’re wanting to put bigger tires on the NEV replacement shocks can be adjusted to be very stiff possibly eliminating the chance of tire rub but at the same time making for a rough ride.