Stranded by 8888 code

My gem 2 just quit. It is charged but shows an 8888 code whether switch is on or off. What does this code mean? Thanks so much.

That’s not an “error” per-se; it’s a communications fault between the display and motor controller of some sort. Try turning off the battery disconnect switch for 10 minutes and then turn it on again to see if it clears the error. It sounds like the motor controller is ‘stuck’ and not going through its normal initialization sequence.

That was probably the problem because the solution worked.
Thank you so much!

Hi Bob

Your advice and information is proving to be invaluable to members :slight_smile:




ok… i had the controller rebuilt again… -43 is gone, (thing still doesnt click like it did) and now that i have the new controller in i have -16… says HIGH voltage and to run the lights… have tried that…