Controller issue

2002 GEM when plugged in led flashes and there’s consistent beeping. On display there is error code 43 which I believe means controller high voltage sensed to motor. Batteries are 1 year old. Charged individually, all at 12.3 72v across string. Charger will not start. Hard to find a new controller and expensive. Looking for advice.

You have more than one issue going on here. That LED is related to charging and is probably flashing a color sequence. What colors are they?

-43 is one of those problem codes that hints that the controller is not happy.

-43 - Motor armature offset voltage is too low. This status code will be displayed when the value of motor amps is less than 117 (corresponding to 2.3 volts) with no current flowing in the motor circuit.
POSSIBLE CAUSE - Defective control.
•= Replace controller unit.

You might try sending this unit into FSIP for a look and rebuild.

Do you have any history with this cart. How long have you had it?
When was the last time it ran properly?
Has this cart been sitting for a while?
Have you been working on it and possibly caused this error?

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Purchased 2016. Replaced batteries 2019. Son ran it home in a rainstorm then tried to charge it. I’m not familiar with FSIP. Do you have a contact number or web address? Also the LEDs flash all colors and it beeps when plugged in.

All colors? That doesn’t tell me much.

Son ran it home in a rainstorm then tried to charge it.

How long ago was that? Is that when the problems started?
(Clues like this is real helpful if mentioned at the beginning of your post. - Just sayin’)

I’m not familiar with FSIP.

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Main switch on, plug in to charge, LED flashes yellow then red then yellow yellow yellow with audible beep. Unplug, turn off main switch, error 43 on display.
Yes, problem started right after he got home and plugged it in.

I really appreciate your info. Thanks for the info on FSIP.