GEM e6 error code 43 and 11 help please

Hi yall,

Trying to troubleshoot a 2014 e6 that stopped working one day. Batteries are good, everything works except it doesn’t drive, throws a 43 code (and changes to 11 when pressing on accel pedal, changes back to 43 when you let go of accel). Tested the accel pedal and start switch as per the manual, they pass fine (.5v-4V accel, 5V-0.1V switch). Main contactor doesn’t clank ever, not getting the signal from P17 i guess.

I went through the TS steps in the SM for error 43 “Motor Armature offset voltage is
too low internal to the controller”, motor seems to ohm out fine according to the manual (so it says replace motor controller). I actually took the motor controller apart (actually nice and clean inside), and checked all the FETs and SCRs clamped to the heatsink, all good. Inspected all the capacitors, they look fine.

I measure some suspect voltages that don’t jive, does anyone know what this means:

  1. with POS (going to controller) disconnected from contactor, the voltage at POS is 75V (so it is coming from within the controller) when main disconnect is ON.
  2. with main disconnect ON and key off, V at P1 and P2 (controller 23 pin connector )is 31V, yet V at POS (again, disconnected from contactor) is still 75V.

Sorry for the long winded Q. I searched around quite a bit and was not able to find any leads. thanks!

The voltages seem ok. GE doesn’t tell us much about the internals.
I believe the precharge could come from p17 through the coil from B+.
I do know that the controller “senses” p17, and will not go into program mode until disconnected.

This might help. I have not seen it.

For what it’s worth. I don’t know what armature offset voltage means. I can guess that its a voltage reading from the shunt. No load must have a specific range of voltages to verify shunt is working and motor is ok, before allowing car to run.