1999 GEM E4 72v stopped running Displays (8888) Need HELP

Ok so I have a newly acquired 1999 gem e4 72v cart that I have went threw and replaced batteries, safety equipment (all seat belts) and upgrades all lights to LED’s. The c art was working great until Upon reassembling last night after installing a usb outlet for charging cell phones it will not run and displays 8888 with the little green light over battery blinking in the display. I have 76.6 volts at the fused link under the dash. Where should I look from here???

Try and go back. Undo what you did. Then reset power.

Everything worked for a few day after I did the changes, other than the usb port I installed and it is not hooked up at this time and still getting the 8888 when I turn the key the only way to get it to change is to pull the parking break and then I get the -04 code for parking break being on. If i release the parking break back to 8888 I go.

Did you try reseting power to controller?

I turned off main power switch and unplugged the charger. Not sure if that kills all power to controller. If not what do I need to do to reset it?

Yes, that’s what I meant. Takes a minute without power.
It’s a known issue. Just not known by me.:grinning:
I hope someone remembers. Do you have access to a programmer?
Mention of the problem on fsip forum, but not the solution.

I do not have access to a programmer but am going to try and find one locally.

Look for lx forklift programmer