Help! Gem Car Not Running

I purchased a 1999 gem car (Vin number 000001) that sat outside for about 5 years. It was brought in an airplane hanger for about 4 years and not messed with until I purchased it in the past few months

I put brand new batteries in it and I am getting 74.8v to the end of the series. When I turn the key a -51 code comes up and a -04 code I am not getting a big clunk when I lower the e-brake. I have never gotten that -04 code to go away even after replacing the emergency brake switch under the seat. Iā€™m getting 74.8 volts to the fuse connection on the main contractor and to the the main fuse (which also looks good) But it only has 71.8 volts on the outoput side of thse contactor (or solenoid whichever term you use) in turn only is taking 71.8 volts to the controller. I am getting 74.4v on the red/white wire and also 74.4 volts to the black/green wire under the contactor.

the -04 stays on the whole time as well as the -51 code for not getting 72 volts to the controller. So I need some help with this please! Is the issue the contactor (solenoid) or the controller? Or could it be something else? Any help is appreciated!!!

Check e brake wiring that connects B- to pin 13.
Pin 13 needs to be less than 2.5v to clear -04.

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