-04 error on my 2001 gem car flatbed(PLEASE HELP)

I am having issues with my gem car. every time i turn it on i get - 04 under the wrench, i know that means parking brake is on but it is off, and i have tried over over over to try to get it to work and i cannot get it. what do you think it is? the switch went bad? i need help here thank you for any info you can give me .

If you get the -04 code this means the controller believes that the brake is on and has locked out the main contactor. This occurs to prevent the GEM from being driven with the brake on. There is a small switch mounted to the parking brake handle that reads whether or not the brake is on. Most likely, the switch has come out of adjustment. To test this, turn on the key and slowly release the brake. As you release the brake, the -04 should disappear from the display and you should hear the main contactor close at the same time. If the -04 stays, check the switch with an ohm meter. The switch should close with the brake released. If not, the switch can be adjusted by loosening the two very small screws and pivoting the switch. You should be able to hear and feel the switch clicking as it is moved.


ok… i had the controller rebuilt again… -43 is gone, (thing still doesnt click like it did) and now that i have the new controller in i have -16… says HIGH voltage and to run the lights… have tried that…


What is the voltage across the batteries?

sorry I don’t know… but I will have my mechanic check and get back to you.