Error -4

new to forum bought gem car did not run put batteries in they are putting out 72 volts getting error -4 so looked at hand brake switch it looks good but there is no clicking from main contactor any ideas thanks

make SURE parking brake switch is working!! continuity test!!

yes i tested switch it works i think the big problem is that the windshield was broke and the dash was apart so water got all over the contactor and board i got the charger to work we got 72 volts coming out of the round white thing to the right of the contactor not sure what that is called

Sounds like some sort of parking brake sensor issue. All connections secure/clean? When you have the key on and release the brake can you hear an audible click? I sometimes have to drop mine with a little force to make the code clear.

Here is a handy list of codes for you… - Complete List Gem Error Codes -

changed the brake switch fixed that problem now she ran great for about 30 min around the home now it creeps real slow what can i look at now no codes at all the pack still shows 78volts

Check the reed switch by the brake lever. You should hear a faint click when applying or releasing the brake. If not, adjust the switch so that it clicks about one inch from the bottom released position.