-04 replaced micro switch and still have error code

I replaced my micro switch on my gem car and I still receive an error code -04 how do I fix this?

It’s an 02 e825 e4. Please help would love to get this running!!!

Should be 4.5 volts across switch when off. Zero when switch is on.
Pin 13 on controller. Other wire is B-.


Ok I’ll check that. What else could it be? D.C. To D.C. Converter or no?

What’s b- wire mean?

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Battery negative.
One wire connects to B- the other pin 13 of controller.
Switch, wires, or controller.
Switch may be mis-aligned or wired wrong.

Ok thank you! How would someone align the park break? I have green wire on top green and white in the middle and green and yellow on bottom for reference the wiring of the micro switch. And what can I do with the 13th pin if the pin is the issue? How would I know if the controller is bad? Sorry for all the questions I’m quite new to gem cars and closest dealer is 4hrs away.

The green white is from p13. The green should be B-.
Don’t remember what GY is. beeper maybe.
If you have voltage from G to GW connect them together to simulate the brake switch connecting them.
That should clear error code.
If you don’t have voltage at controller p13. Controller is bad. Unlikely.

Perfect I will let you know tonight! Thanks for everything!

I’m getting 6.2 volts on the switch but still no dice -04 code what way can you tell if the controller is bad?

Green top green white middle green yellow bottom

Measure from a known B-. Battery or controller. Black meter lead to B-. Red to green white.
Connect the green wire to green white( 6.2 volts).
Volts should go near zero.

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Yes it went from 0 volts to 6.2 volt connected but still did not clear the error code. Bad controller you think?

Re-seat the 23p connector on controller.
Check voltage at pin 13. From B- at control to pin 13.
Or while 23p unplugged check for zero ohms on lowest scale from p13 W/G at controller to W/G wire at switch.
Bad controller still seems unlikely.

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Ok kinda of confused but it sound like you know what your talking about. It does have voltage at p13 6.4v this error code is driving me nuts!

And is the charger suppose to beep while charging?

I don’t know what you have for a charger.
Pin 13 goes to zero volts with the brake switch to clear error code.
So you must have zero volts to drive.

OK now I have 4.5 V with parking brake on and 1.3 V with parking brake off

That should be ok if measured at controller. Below 2.5 volts. I would not trust it though.
Jump from B- to P13 at controller to make sure P13 is at zero volts.
Not easy to do. May have to expose P13 wire or poke a sharp pin through insulation.