08' long bed gem 04 code

hello! My issue is with a 04 error code. The parking brake switch has been replaced, continuity to wires checked, battery pack charged to 77 volts, connections cleaned with contact cleaner, checked wires for breaks and corrosion. When the parking brake is released, the beep is heard. The wrench icon and error code will not leave the BDI. The GEM label for identification is not at all legible. This vehicle is a long wheelbase model with a box over the rear axle. The direction indicator is working. The batteries are new. Visually, this vehicle is clean and lacks any sign of abuse. Help!:eek:

Adjust the parking brake? When the brake is released, the switch needs to open (or close-not certain which it is) to tell the controller, the brake has been released. Everything you checked can be “good” but if it’s not adjusted correctly, won’t work.


I have handheld a separate switch, unattached, in my hand and connected the two wires. After actuating the switch, I have zee same problem.

Sorry no other suggestions for you. The -04 error code is related to the emergency brake being engaged when the key is turned on. Once it’s disengaged, the error code goes away and off you go.

that is all I can find online about that code. I understand that. Is there a way that the PSDM is locked into the idea that the e-brake is still on? Is there a test to determine that the PSDM is not at fault? :rain: I do appreciate all assistance.:clap2:

AFAIK the only way I’d know to test the emergency brake switch is to “force” the circuit to “short” or “open” or use an Ohm meter to test it. If it passes that test, I’d probably look for a short/open wire to/from the PSDM.

I doubt the PSDM is locked into the idea the emergency brake is still on other than the ebrake switch.

i wanted to update everyone on my 04 error code issue. After much handwringing, sweat, prayer and effort, I have victory. I sent the controller to Drive For Fun for a rebuild and update. The controller that came to my shop was part of an update /upgrade notice. If you have an error code(04), and you are at wits end, you should look into this. The controller comes with a jumper wire in kit #49-353T4. Plug this jumper wire into pin 13 if vacant, and the other end to controller battery negative. Make sure the jumper wire is fully inserted. If this helps, your welcome.

Thank you for the update. We don’t get them every time.

Thx! I jumped the p13, but the buzzer came on when I took out the key out. I guess the gy to b-?