GEM E-brake Switch

I have a 2002 e825; the emergency brake is between the front seats on this model. I went out to move it, and the error -04 stayed on when I took the brake off. I looked back in posts here, and saw that Dan had posted about adjusting the micro switch. I couldn’t get a difference by manipulating the switch, and I can hear the contactor closing when I turn the key on. I took the switch out to test it, and I can’t get continuity between any 2 of the 3 terminals no matter what I do to the switch. There are 3 wires going to the switch, Yellow/Green stripe to bottom terminal, Green to middle, and White to the top.
Between which ones should I be able to read voltage with the key on?
Can I test by using a fused jumper between any 2 of these wires?
If it is the switch, where can I find a suitable replacement?
Mann, many thanks!
Michael B

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So, I wired a simple off/on switch between the 2 wires that need to be connected to shut off the alarm and the error code, and it works, for now. I can’t put the boot back over the brake handle area until I find a replacement switch, which I have had no luck with yet.
Anybody got a source for one of these?
Thank you!
Michael b

If you get no continuity either way, the switch is bad. There should be an audible click when the switch closes. They sell for $20 on Ebay. Just do a search for “GEM brake switch.” The new switch must be calibrated before use. My post will give you the procedure.


I also need my 2002 GEM 825 Emergency Parking Brake Switch Replaced and will need to know how to calibrate the new switch. Where do I find your directions to do that? Thanks

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I have never had any alarm or code on my 05… even had the dealer do my last Emergency Parking Brake recall and no mention of… where is the sound… should there be an audible alarm when the brake is on? my brake at times doesn’t totally release… would like to know… I’m continuously reaching down and making sure it has released


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The parking brake alarm is an annoying buzzing sound that comes from under the dashboard and almost sounds like the beeping sound you get when you put your GEM in reverse.

I don’t have that… hmmm guess the previous owner was annoyed enough to remove it… wonder why it wasn’t mentioned at the recall or the new part… which was the whole brake unit… wouldn’t when wired up not started to buzz again…


It is a simply reed switch with a NO and NC contact. under $2 any electrical store.

Hello. I was working on my Gem last night trying to figure oh why none of my 12 volt accessories work and when I was reconnecting the wires to the emergency brake switch I snapped the damn thing right off the switch. I ordered one right away last night but I still want to keep working on finding the issue with having no 12 volt accessories and without jumping them wires together somehow I can’t do anything. So I was wondering what two wires did you hook up to the simple on and off switch you wired in?

Hey Brett,
It is best to start your own thread rather than tacking on to one that was started 10 years ago. Some of those players may not even be in the game any more.

In your new post, give us details on what your car is, as many other clues you can give, and what you have tried.

I have my suspicions and a few suggestions but that is not for this thread.

Okay sounds good. I apologize.