GEM E825 stop and go?

I have a GEM E825 in very good condition. New batteries. When I first start driving it, itwill shut off and show negative 4 or negative 11. If i stomp on pedal it will sometimes correct the issue, or if i move the hand brake just a touch it sometimes fixes the issue. After we are driving for a while it seems to get better. Any ideas on what may be causing this issue. Any help is greatly appreciated!

-4 is parking brake lockout. ie: the cart thinks you are trying to drive with the hand brake on.
-11 is accelerator stuck lockout ie: something is pushing down the pedal before you drop the brake or hit the FWD/REV switch.

Fix the -4 and the -11 should go away. Here is what is likely going on:

Chances are that you have a bad brake microswitch or bad / loose connections on the switch. If it fails and corrects quickly, your controller sees the brake as on for just a moment then when whatever is causing the error goes back to normal a split second later, you still have your foot down so the GEM thinks the accelerator pedal is stuck.

Run your VIN through NTHSB recall database

There were a number of recalls on the 00-04 gems. The brake microswitch was one. If your gem comes up as not applied, then start calling dealers around your area, see if they will do any recalls you have. The DC-DC power supply update is the biggie. The switch, you can jumper it out or just get a new one for less than $10.

If you want to DIY it, turn off the key switch and get to the area where the hand brake is. On 2-seaters & trucks, you just lift the bench seat top out. On 4-seaters, I think you can get in there sideways from under one of the front seats.

Find the brake microswitch, it’s about the size of your pinky from the last finger joint to the tip.Take a picture or draw a diagram of what color wire goes to which connection on the switch. Make sure all are tightly fitted and the switch and bracket are tight. If it still gives you grief after this, just get a new switch or just jumper it out

Yellow/Green stripe to bottom terminal
Green to middle
White/Green to the top.

Basically, the switch when it’s open (handbrake applied / up), the electrical path is from the green to yellow/green. When the handbrake is down, it closes the switch and path is green and white/green .If for some reason I’m remembering the mounting upside down, and you get the alarm when the brake is down, swap yellow/green with white/green. Green is always on pin 2 (middle) for this application.


If I would like to replace the hand brake micro switch, can you refer me to a vendor? Thanks for your help! Greatly appreciated!

Where exactly is my Hand brake micro switch located?

It’s next to or under the brake handle

Looks sorta like this

Personally, if its only a few adults driving,
on an 00-04, i wouldnt bother to replace it. Just jumper the green wire to the white/green and under the dash, diconnect and tape over the wires to the buzzer.

Amazon is as good a place to find one if you want to replace it