Neighbors GEM E825 Acceleration Issue

I’m trying to help my neighbor diagnose and fix her GEM E825. I think it’s a 2001.
The issue she’s having is randomly while driving, there’s a loud click (almost a clunk) and the power cuts out. If she lets off the gas pedal and re-applies pressure, it usually kicks back on.
I did a preliminary look over it and didn’t see any loose, broken or questionable wires. I took the pedal apart and there’s no corrosion. It looked pretty good actually.
She occasionally gets the error codes 11 and 04.
I did some reading on this incredibly informative site and am leaning towards the gas pedal being the culprit.
Any guidance is greatly appreciated.

Parking brake or switch misadjusted or intermitant.
Loose wire at switch or controller.
It never hurts to clean and lube the pins of 23p plug.

ignition switch . drive it and wiggle the key

LithiumGods - you are correct sir! Thank you.

Next identified problem is the brake lights/blinkers.
Front blinkers and lights work as they should.
Rear lights operation -
Left blinker yields both rear lights coming on as if braking
Right blinker yields right blinker.
Lights on yields no rear lights

My 2003 does the same thing. Usually after I wash it ir spill something in the dash.


So it appears the person who changed the switch previously may have crimped on some over-sized connectors. Any ideas on where to find them? These terminals are tiny.