00 e825 runs but looses power and stops

00 e825 runs but loses power and stops. give “gas” and car starts slow and then shuts down - over an over again??? code 04 and 11 and some times 08. cleaned and tested emg brake switch…good - cleaned and tested accelerator…good?? - swapped out ge 72v-350amp with a spare…same problem!!!

I am having a similar issue. my gem car will start go for a bit and then just cut power and then it won’t run again. I have a 2005 Gem e4, batteries are charged getting good voltage. whats strange is that it just randomly started today after I installed a reman’d controller and put in a brand new accelerator pedal (new model). If i disconnect the 23 pin harness I seem to be able to get it to run again (sometimes). no error codes on the dash. I suspect its a wire connected to the 23 pin harness thats shorting out.

Key switch can do it .

That seems plausible because I’ve noticed some play in the key when I turn the car on, but if the key switch just dropped the connection wouldn’t the display go out ?

Not necessarily . I have had a few do it .

hmm, okay thanks, I’ll look at getting a replacement.

You can pull switch and hotwire to test . I buy replacement from Napa , $15 . There is a thread on here about it

I actually just installed the one from NAPA tonight and it seems to have fixed the issue, although I did have to plug in the 23 pin connector to get it started. I did a bunch of test drives and it hasn’t shut off on me yet so fingers crossed. The NAPA key start switch seems alot more solid.

welp it was running fine today and then all of a sudden it slowed down I saw smoke coming from the motor and then error 66 came up and then error 51 now I can’t get it to start and its stuck on error 51. when I tried push it it was almost as if the brakes locked up and when I pushed it it was making like a slicing sound. I just had FSIP reman the controller so I really hope its not that.


Might I suggest the motor?

Yeah, I’ve replaced everything else. I guess I’ll take it apart and see if the brushes or commutator are worn. I just hope that I didn’t fry the controller in the process.

which motor do you have ?

I have the stock GE 5HP motor

I just replaced the stock motor with a black advanced GJ04001. It still won’t move. I guess I need to fix the mosfets in the controller then ? It now only seems to throw error 66 when in reverse. When in forward high or low it doesn’t throw any error code