99 Gem E825 going dead

I have spent a lot of time on a 1999 Gem E825 - 2. I have no previous knowledge of this unit and nothing worked when I got it. I spent quite a bit of time going over all the systems and now have them all working including lighting, etc… It ran fine, getting 13 mph on turf and 22 mph street. The only noticeable problem I had was that if I would depress the accelerator too quickly on take-off, it would usually just drop out and I would have to let up and slowly depress it again. Once under way, the accelerator acted pretty normal for speed variations. Sometimes it would take several attempts and give me a #06 error., before getting under way. I figured I would have to take the accelerator apart and clean. I had maybe a mile on it and gave the wife a ride and seemed to work fine, and then when I was taking off from a stop sign, it just died - Completely. I had to cycle the “Main” switch under the seat to get it to come on. It briefly came up and then would die again - after 5 or 6 attempts I finally got it to take off, made it home. Once home it acted normally again and showed 90% Charge. It did show a 15 error code a few times while I was attempting to get it back up by switching the “Main” switch under the seat. But this low Battery error was probably do to the dying power. It does not act like a loose connection and cycling the key switch made no difference in bringing it to life when it died. Any ideas?? Both problems appear on “TakeOff” and once underway, I don’t appear to have any issues. I don’t want to push this thing!

Follow Up: The next morning I moved it in the garage. It went forward as normal, but when tried reverse, I did not get the beeping back-up horn and would get a 06 error on the BDI. The only way I recovered was by cycling the forward / reverse switch and once I got the beeping, it worked normally. (Just had to move it, and didn’t take it out again).

common cause of a 06 error is funky foreward reverse switch. Next time you have the problem snap it bak and forth a couple of times. About 15 bucks on Ebay

Thanks, I’ll replace it before going any further.

Just a follow-up on my problems with drive cutting out and getting the “06” error. Obviously the Forward / Reverse switch inputs into the controller are very sensitive. I took the switch out and did a resistance check. I was getting 20 to 40 ohms between positions. I sprayed WD40 into the switch and cycled it several times and after testing got 0 ohms resistance. After reinstalling, all previous issues have disappeared. Thanks for the input!:slight_smile: