Brake lights

Hello all
New to the forum and also a new owner of a 2001 Gem E825.
Have a problem with brake lights, when key is turned on the brake lights
also come on and stay on, turn lights work on problem with them.
Some one help me out


Most likely, the stoplight switch is bad. We have changed several over the years. The new Polaris part number is 4013634, which takes about a half hour to replace.


Check brake light switch. They are prone to breakage.

Try to pull back the brake pedal by hand to see if the lights go out. Mine did this, and was fixed by WD-40- ing the brake pedal mount shaft.

Thank Guys
It was the brake pedal
Thanks again

Hello Everyone,

New Gem owner and I have a problem similar to LeRoy’s, except my brake lights DON’T turn on. When I turn my headlights on the tailights come on, and the turn signals work on both sides.

I’ve tried WD-40 on the Brake Pedal and on what I believe to be the Brake Light Switches (it looks like there are two of them).

Would the “no brake light” problem indicate that one or both of the switches have gone bad?

Also the brake pedal itself is very firm, however I don’t think that’s related.

Thanks in advance for your help and insight.

If the pedal is firm it may not be moving enough to release (turn on) the brake light. The switch mounting is slotted on most GEM’s. Losten the switch and move it back a tad.

[quote=GEMmechanic;19973]Most likely, the stoplight switch is bad. We have changed several over the years. The new Polaris part number is 4013634, which takes about a half hour to replace.


Would this cause a quicker drain of the batteries - like significant drain? I had 6 new deep cycle sealed batteries installed 8 months ago and might get 18 holes of golf in them. I would think they should be lasting several hours more, days at times with the use I do. I have a 2001 G2


If the brake lights stay on, the drain over time is considerable. Also, it is unsafe because the lights will not indicate when you are stopping. Usually, the switch is bad, needs adjustment, or the linkage needs lubrication.


OR if the pedal is “stiff” and not releasing the brakes, it may introduce excessive drag on the wheels which of course will shorten battery life. A quick test: With the emergency gear off and no power applied to the system (key off), you should be able to push the cart by hand on a level surface with minimum effort.

If it’s an 01 cart and the brake cylinders have not been serviced chances are good that one or more wheel cylinders aren’t returning all the way. If light goes off when pedal is lifted this is another indication. This assumes that the switch adjustment is correct.

Wheel cylinder life is often quite short. The low quality rubber deteriorates and then leaks. NEV Accessories informs me that all GEM wheel cylinders are made in China.


I havent had problems with the cups. More problems with not being used for long periods and moisture in the fluid corroding the bores. Matter of fact I just saved 3 out of 4 on my 99 cart by honing the bores. The right rear was so bad it wouldnt clean up. I used the old cups and no problems so far. Centric is trying to chase down the cups and make kits available.

It’s a good idea to change out brake fluid every 4 or 5 years.

Hi all. Friends 2007 E2 brake lights don’t go out. This happened after he put type 3 brake fluid in to top the master cylinder off. I assume that it is a bad switch. Where is the switch? Can it be bought aftermarket? Is the switch on the side of the master cylinder? If so which is the switch because I see two sets of wires going into the master cylinder. Are there any tricks or cautions when changing it out? The brake pedal does come all the way out. Thanks Barry.