Brake Lights not working?

Hey just noticed my Brake Lights are not working? Are they on a separate fuse or circuit? The Running lights work. The turn signals work But NO brake lights. Any quick ideas. They have always worked untill just recently

I’m guessing there is a switch at the brake pedal. Check to see if that is functioning properly. Did they work before and after you switched to LED brake lights? I know some have had issues with LEDs and relays for turn signals due to the low voltage.

Same thing happened to me a few weeks ago.

I don’t know the fuse arrangement on your e4, but on the 02 e825, brakes are the top right fuse when you are looking at the block. 5amp.

In my case, it was the brake light switch though. On mine, it’s the plunger switch above the pivot point of the brake pedal. When you step on the pedal, the top moves away, the spring loaded switch pops out and closes the circuit. The plunger on mine got a bit gummed / corroded. Sprayed some electrical cleaner in it, worked it a few times, and a shot of PB blaster and it’s all good now. Didn’t need to pull it out.

BTW: Do you have a link or a manufacturer and part number on those brake lights you installed?

The switch was acting up on mine too a few times. I’d check that first.

Ok thanks for the Heads up. I’ll check the plunger switch as recommended. And yes the lights worked when I Installed them.

Here is a link to the Tail Lights I bought on Amazon. $19 each.
Maxxima M42206R 14 LED Red Ultra Thin 0.4" Low Profile Stop Tail Turn Light

@grantwest I take it you resolved the issue? Coincidentally I had the same issue with my 2013 E6 and I found that there is not a switch on the brake pedal but instead a pressure switch attached to the brake master cylinder. I diagnosed it by testing the continuity of the switch while pressing the brake pedal. While I wait for the new pressure switch to arrive I wired up a button that I can press by hand while braking to activate the brake lights (a bit awkward in practice).

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No I have not Looked But Thanks for Saving me the hassle of having to take my upper and lower dash off to figure out I don’t have a foot pedal activated switch,

Where did you source a new switch if I happen to need one

The part for my 2013 E6 is 4012981. I found it on eBay for $35 shipped. It arrived today, haven’t installed it yet but it looks to be the correct part.

I presume I’ll need to drain the brake fluid reservoir and have some rags handy as you end up removing the front lines to install the sensor. A pedal switch would have been much easier to install. I had planned to replace the fluid and bleed the lines as part of a full brake service. It just wasn’t at the top of my todo list.

Wow. What a fracking retarded design…

Has anyone been able to find/order this Brake Pressure Switch the connects directly to the master Cylinder ?

I found this part on Amazon that looks super similar but I’m just not sure it will work or not ??