2002 GEM e 4 brake lights not working

2002 Gem e4 and the brake lights don’t work. Tail lights and head lights work, but not the brake lights. Any help would be great.

There is a switch on the brake pedal arm that might be out of adjustment. You will need to remove the grey plastic dash to access.

Reddevil you’re awesome. I cleaned that switch just a bit and that did the trick. It needs more though. How do you “adjust” it and can I spray a WD40 on it to keep it clean?

I wouldn’t spray WD40 on switch. The manual is sparse on adjusting, if you look at it, two nuts lock switch to the mount and you move the switch in and out from the pedal arm to adjust how it falls. (Mine for a long time wouldn’t turn off as arm wasn’t retracting all the way, usage made it better and is no longer an issue). Electrical connections are often problematic due to corrosion and cleaning them often helps any GEM electric issue. Here’s the SM page on the switch.

Note there are two switches one for brake lights and one for failure.