2007 GEM E4 Brake Light stays illuminated on instrument cluster

I’m new to the forum, and Gem cars. I have an 07 E4 Gem that the brake light on the instrument cluster stays lit even with brake handle down, and the car will not move. Wondering if anyone else has ran in to this problem.

Sounds like you may have a bad micro switch on the parking brake, I worked on a friends GEM that the contactor was going in and out on it and turned out, after help on this forum, it was a bad $14 switch. Reading through some post here it seems that little switch can cause all kind of issues. I replaced it and the GEM ran great after that. Purchased it at NEV Accessories online.

I have an 07 E4 as well. Sitting in my Garage with the door down and nice n quiet, I can hear the above mentioned switch click as I move the handle up and down. Start with it in the full down position (off) and within about an inch of up travel the switch clicks. That is an easy first step to trouble shoot it without any tools. No clicking, in your case, and the switch is probably stuck in the closed position. Might be able to take it apart and free it up…

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