Hesitation and Bucking from my 2000 e825

I have a 2000 e825 that has been having consistent issues. It was rebuilt in 2014 and has mostly “new” parts. The cart does not engage every time when you step on the gas, nd will buck and fail, then again. I tested the pedal connection and everything seems fine, but it is the only part that has not been replaced. It has a brand new 11HP motor, and i purchased a new wiring harness to replace the previous one that did not fully connect to the controller. i replaced the controller, but it did the same thing, which is why i changed the harness. it has gotten better, but not enough to feel comfortable driving it. I need some advice. I am at a loss at this point. I have tested every connection from the steering column to every electrical component in the vehicle. PLEASE HELP.

update: it also gives the -11 error code for accelerator pedal being pushed down and error code -04 for brake switch. both can be caused by the parking brake switch. Ordered and installing tomorrow. I’ll be back

Have you replaced the dc/dc converter? Checked to see if the recall has been performed? I have a 2000 that was having some wonky electrical problems and think that was a contributor to many of my problems. It had the original board that was an open recall. Polaris will replace this for free.

You need the motor serviced brushes are hung up and commutator probably needs to be machined.

rodneyadiehl@aol.com For Gem motor service

motor is literally brand new. just out of the box.


Toughie, be sure to post the solution when you find it.

Not yet, but it seemed to test fine.