Help with 2002 Gen E825

Ok we just were gifted a gem 2002 e825, new batteries and everything is working electrical wise, I get error -21,-41,-24 when tying to accelerate. It whines and tries but will not engage and move forward more than a few inches. Same thing happens in reverse. From reading through the forum, I think it is 1. The controller (I read somewhere there was a recall on them? Any idea how I could take advantage of that?) 2. The engine brushes are stuck (forgive my newness to this if that isn’t correct) 3. A brake dragging. Any help would be much appreciated!

Hi Kara, we have same model. With Flooded Lead Acid (FLA) batteries it’s fun to drive but kind of a money/time pit.

My first question is can you release the parking brake and roll it on level ground? If so that would negate any brake issues. We had stuck brushes and it acted up in a similar fashion.

One of the gurus on the forum can help with trouble codes, I am not well versed. I do have a document (shared from this forum) for troubleshooting a GE motor controller which was installed in our 2002 e825, it has a code list and maybe is applicable. Send me your email and I will share.

One conversion I did early on was adding front disc brakes. It made a heck of a difference and would highly recommend if you intend on using a lot. Takes away that feeling of “will it really stop or not”.

Best of luck!