2002 e825 Electrical Issues 4 Seater


I’m having several issues with a 2002 that I just bought this summer. I’m also new to GEM and the forum. I searched for many of the answers in the forum and couldn’t find what I’m looking for.

Firstly, when I’m charging the car, I will ground out and feel the 12v buzz when I touch the turn signal handle or the battery cutoff switch under the seat. It’s annoying and I don’t think that it’s normal. Does any one else have this issue?

Also, my batteries will drain very quickly especially if they’re not used for a few days. Granted the seller put in reconditioned deep cycles, but I feel like they should still stay somewhat charged when left on the charger over a few days.

Plus, some of the batteries will switch polarities. Anyone else?

I’ve been charging each battery individually and have already replaced one with a used Trojan DC. But I still run into these issues.

Finally, I have the opportunity to buy a 2006 with dead batteries, but supposedly no issues. I like the idea of the front disc brakes, but if any one has some advice on moving up a few years, I’d like to hear it.

Thank you!

The buzz is probably a low battery warning. I’d check the voltage level and assure you have ~76v from the fuse underneath the dash and -B on controller. If that all checks out do a load test by jacking the front wheels and checking the voltage dissipation for each battery using long leads and banana clips when running the motor. You don’t want to see the batteries veer .5v from each other as well as dipping below 10.5v. I wouldn’t recommend replacing individual batteries if they are older than 3 years due to built up resistance on older batteries making the newer ones work harder and decreasing their overall lifespan.

Thanks for the advice on the batteries, and once I figure out how to properly test them I will.

But as for the buzz, it’s not an audible alarm. It’s the feel when you touch those parts. It’s like I am grounding the system and you can almost taste it. It’s not painful really, but more jarring and I certainly don’t hold onto it very long. Once it’s unplugged from AC power, the issue goes away.

Have you experienced this?

I’ve only experienced this when the batteries are shorting to the frame which is what the 12v accessories use for ground. Check the disconnect switch and make sure the two battery cables connected to it have the protective boots fully on and don’t have the lugs touching the metal case especially the one that bends around to battery #4. As well check all cables and make sure no one connected a cable going from the frame to the batteries grounds, it’s only for the 12v accessories.

Great! Thanks I’ll double check the cables.

Have you tested AC power at the outlet and plug to make darn sure the ground pin is there, you measure 120VAC from the hot side to both ground and neutral connections, and make sure the hot side is on the right side when looking at the outlet with gnd down - https://www.nickleelectrical.com/uncategorized/three-prong-vs-two-prong-outlet

The charger on a 2002 turns off after it has finished charging. Only if the charger has been sent in for upgrades will they hold a trickle charge once the charge cycles have completed.

But you should be able test the health of your batteries by fully charging them and then disconnect them from the vehicle( big switch under the rear seat ). Now after 2 or 3 hours the battery voltage should be 12.7V or more on every battery and stay there for a few days.

those batteries are no good if they have dropped voltage so much they reverse polarity.

IIRC the suspension and brakes are WAY better from 2005 and up so if you get a good deal on a 2006, it might be a good move.

Thanks so much! Very helpful with the advice to a new owner.

Seems like a no brainer. You have a 2002 that needs batteries and has problems, or you can get a 2006 that supposedly is all good, and needs batteries.

Either way, you’re buying batteries. How much do you want to work on the cart and how good a ride do you want? 1999-2004 ride like pile drivers.

Sell the 2002. Get the 2006.

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I really appreciate the insight!

I agree ride when not near gross weight is bad, but ours sure run like rabbits with the @Inwo lithium upgrades. Very exciting ride around town. Lead acid batteries are maintenance problems galore.

If you can cut aluminum and drill holes, anyone can install.

At gross weight ride is smooth.

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I’ve found our 2002 also rides well with at least a 2nd adult in the car. One adult and 1 or 2 kids in the back makes for a jerky ride. I left 2 Pb batteries in the front and have the center batter compartment full of Leaf battery modules. Still considering putting 2 old Pb batteries in the side trays under the seat.

I think the NEV shocks are stiffer than OEM, even if the coil count is the same. Unless I max out the vehicle by forklifting a 800-1000lb pallet on to the back (which I’ve only needed to do once or twice), my 02 longbed (FLA batteries) is determined to shove a seat cushion up my ass.

I believe the ones on my 2002 spine compressor are original. I purchased from the 2nd owner and got all paperwork and there was little except batteries and cables replaced by Buggy repair shops.

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I’m not sure if the ones I pulled off were original with the vehicle or just OEM replacements. I never received any maintenance records for my cauck, which I can totally get for a service vehicle maintained by mechanics.

The NEV shocks, even dialed down a notch or two, ride hard on the longback - even with two FLAs in the nose.

So I’ve bought the 2006 and am waiting on some gel Napa 8272 batteries. Got them for 228 each.

But in transport my rear lower seat cushion went missing. It appears to not have been secure and is now gone.

So I’m now searching for a seat!

Once I get the batteries installed, I’ll let you know how it’s going if anyone’s interested.

Thanks again for everyone’s help!

It’s really just a piece of plywood with a cushion on it with the following exceptions:

2 small rubber pieces/spacers attached along the rear edge( I 3D printed mine ). These sit on the frame and keep the seat up
In the front middle is a nub which is supposed to stick into a rubber socket on the metal support beam which runs down the middle of the compartment lengthwise of the vehicle.

2 metal hand holds on each side of the seat which are just loops of metal pipe. They both are hand holds and also probably keep things from sliding if seatbelts aren’t worn.

Can send pics later unless someone beats me to it.

You got 2 hand-hold jobbies? I feel cheated…

I found a beat up seat on CL, hopefully it’ll be ok, otherwise I will take you up on the pics. Thanks!

I have noticed that the 4 seater has handles on both ends of bottom seat cushion but on our 2-seater they only put handle on passenger side.

Those bassards…