New (used) Gem Owner

Hi all, I am a new Gem owner as of yesterday. We bought a 2002 E825, which appears to be in excellent condition. The brakes however do not work well. It feels like there is no pressure and I have to press the brake pedal extremely hard to stop. I have added brake fluid as it was almost empty. I am sure this was a good start but it did not solve the problem. I am hoping to learn from everyone else how to remedy problems like this and also engage in other topics.

Thanks all!!

I had to use both feet to stop my 2000 gem.

It may be normal if brakes are working and pedal seems hard.

Or it may mean they need work.

Thanks for the reply! It feels like they need some work as it does not feel safe to drive. Not sure where to start to diagnose the problem though

Your brake cylinders are leaking and your linings are wet (very common problem) Cylinders are available on Ebay for about 25 bucks - Change out all 4. Clean the shoes with brake cleaner and sand them after they dry. While your doing that check your cables for free movement.

Also check for rough wheel bearings. Again their cheap on Ebay.