Steering Wheel Adapters, help!

OK, so I’ve been pretty much everywhere looking for a an adapter to fit my custom steering wheel for my 2005 GEM E2. I got an adapter with the wheel I bought, but, of course, doesn’t fit. As a birthday gift, I want to use the wheel, really nice one from Pete’s Golf Carts, but they weren’t able to find adapter to work even though they advertise that theirs fit all GEMs. I think it was for EZ GO, with an “E” stamped on it. Any suggestion of where to look will be greatly appreciated!!

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What bolt pattern does the wheel use? I recently went through this with a 6 bolt MOMO wheel. @grantwest and others recommended the Forever Sharp adapters but I found they have been changing up their design. They have two versions of the EZ Go adapter with different lengths but I think they might be merging them. I needed to trim 1/8” off the short version to make it fit properly in my 2013 E6s. Since you’ll likely need to trim it either way it doesn’t really matter which version you get. They sell for much less on Amazon compared to their website.

I think the EZGO’s use the same spline as the gems

Hello RS_E6,
Thanks much for your reply! My wheel uses 6 bolt pattern. Yes, think I know the adapter I’m going to order on Amazon, Forever Sharp part #C-ET56B, seems to be the shortest per one review. I find it somewhat hard to believe that no adapters exist that you don’t need to trim…crazy! I’m in a rural area so not sure where to go to get the trim job, don’t have tools myself. Please advise if any suggestions & thanks again for your help!!

Thank-you, appreciate your response!

The long winded version of my story is…

Before purchasing the adapter I contacted Forever Sharp to confirm the ET56-B was the shorter version and they assured me it was. I ordered this adapter from Amazon but was sent the following adapter that looked similar to the longer RXV56B though the box was beat up and labeled ET56-B:

As you can see it looks different from the adapter pictured on the Amazon listing with material removed between the threads. Thinking I may have been sent an item that was swapped during a return or some other mixup I ordered the same adapter again from Amazon but this time from the other seller Big Dog Auto. The adapter from Big Dog Auto was in a box labeled RXV56B and looked the same as the first one except the adapter was half an inch longer and didn’t have the Forever Sharp logo inside. I should also mention the first adapter was ~3" tall while the second was ~3.5" tall and the Amazon listing says it is 3.5" tall.

When I returned the longer adapter to Big Dog Auto we had some discussion about the discrepancies and they said, “…when the ET became the RXV the length changed so that the adapter would also work on the RXV models otherwise fitment is identical. My guess is Forever Sharp still has some old stock of the ET’s which they are sending out to their customers, while we now only receive the RXV from them when we place our stocking orders.”

To fit the adapter I first tried grinding down the bolts on the console that were interfering with the adapter but couldn’t get them low enough. I decided to trim 1/8" off of the bottom of the adapter so I covered the part in painter’s tape to avoid damaging the finish then followed @grantwest’s suggestion to use a metal hose clamp around the end as a guide. I went around the circumference with a hacksaw to start the cut then switched to a Dremel with a metal cutoff disc to finish making the cut. I followed it up with a small file to smooth any rough or sharp edges. The cut doesn’t need to be perfect as the console has a ~1/2" lip on it and the cut isn’t really visible once installed. The adapter is aluminum and if you get the short version you shouldn’t need to remove too much material so you might be able to sand it down manually with a fair bit of effort or use a belt sander, etc. If you’re starting with the longer version then you’ll probably want to cut it.

Welcome to “Hot Rodding 101” as Rodney calls it

Yup, 100% self-inflicted. The end result is all that matters though. Still undecided on the mounting screws. I have these stainless screws or black oxide screws but I kind of like the contrast. I’ve replaced most of the hardware with stainless and I’m concerned about corrosion being close to the beach but I use RPM on all the non-stainless hardware that remains.

Beautiful!! :+1: :+1:

Well, the short one is ordered…don’t know what I would have done without your help! Pretty amazing that GEM aftermarket is so skimpy! I’m learning what you and most of the readers here already know, that this forum is our go to place for info & guidance for our GEM cars! I may be back for more once my adapter arrives, really appreciate your detailed explanation of your experience!!

No problem, that’s what makes this a great community. The GEMs are unique and not as common. Most people aren’t that familiar with them but impressed by them once they get a good look.

There are lots of golf carts running around town by us and the first thing that people with young kids notice is the sturdy roof and three point seatbelts. That’s what drew us to the GEM before I learned about all the fun mods.

I should also mention the adapter doesn’t come with mounting screws. Forever Sharp said, “The threads on them are 10x32. Most wheels take a 5/8th or a 7/8th screw length.” I ended up using 5/8” screws with my wheel.

Yeah, hope the allen screws that came with my wheel have the right thread for the adapter, guess we’ll see soon enough! So, where are you located, anyway? Lots of GEM cars, there? There sure aren’t many in my neck of the woods, north central Washington, or even the NW! Makes it challenging with shipping larger items, esp trying to trade my TrunkBack for a stake bed, paying difference, of course. I’m betting you’re in the SW or SE…

Roman that wheel looks really good . Time for you to post some updated pictures of your Gem !

I’m down in Fort Lauderdale, FL. I don’t see many classic body GEMs but there are a few around here. Most of the golf carts are customized EZ GOs or Yamahas and mostly gas powered. My GEM was originally used as a beach shuttle before I acquired it. All the shuttle companies that use GEMs around here have upgraded to the new body style GEMs.

Thanks, Mike! I know, I know, I’m overdue. I’ll try to remember to take some the next time we take it out.

Well, thought I was getting the shorter version, but my ET56-B is just over 3.5 inches tall, the longer one, I believe. Anyway, as you said, needs to be trimmed either way, so guessing I’ll somehow be trimming off around 3/4 inch, but how do you know exactly? Mine measures 1 inch from the lip to the back of the steering shaft hole. So does anyone out there have suggestion for exact amount to trim off the smaller end? Otherwise, kind of trial & error, take off shorter increments until close??..appreciate any help!

Trim off roughly 5/8” - 3/4” from the bottom and that should be good. Using a metal hose clamp as a guide worked well for me. I was able to reposition it until it was even all around and it served as a rigid guide for a hacksaw.

Thanks much, probably go with the middle, 11/16.

Well, all done, trimmed off more than needed, but looks fine! Full 3/4 inch, maybe even 13/16 inch, would be closer, I would stick with 3/4, just as you had suggested on long side. Thanks again, will definitely resort to this forum for future questions, you’ve been really helpful!

I’m sorry, I have that backwards…if I were doing that trim again, I would take less than 5/8 inch off, maybe 9/16 inch…I was closer to 3/4, for a small gap. Hope I haven’t caused too much confusion here!

Good to hear you got it sorted!