Standard industrial inverter in my EV?

Hello EV-ers,

is there anybody that tried to put for example an ABB inverter in an EV with the batteries connected to the DC bus of this inverter?
I had the problem that my inverter broke down and service was far. I could do nothing. In this way I would have a dealer always near to me.
The other advantage is the large number of options that are nowadays available on industrial inverters, for example direct torq control and so much programmability.
I think that also high reliability, experience and large numbers of this inverters are a pro.
Please give you opinion about this. I can imagine that producers of EV inverters don’t see this as very good news but I have to think also about my interests. The last years I had many problems with the inverter in my Audi 100 EV (yes, true) and it went 2 times on an international trip, without leading to a solution.


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Montecatini Terme, Italy
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Yes it is possible to use a standard industrial inverter but you have to make shure that the inverter is capable to run of it’s own (without 50hz sync from the grid)
Not all inverters are capable of this (but almost all nowdays)
Oh yes torque control is a must, do not get a so called “fan inverter”

For ex. mitsubishi FR-A 700 is a good inverter series with torquecontrol and is possible to overload 300% for 30sek although the manual states 3sek

Parker Hannifin inverters (former SSDdrives) are very robust aswell actually the 890 series is possible to buy as a “standalone drive” thats a modular drive with a separated supplystage and a inverterstage.

But if you have some money laying around go for mes-dea ev inverters.

by the way some technical data on your ev would be nice
audi 100ev… never heard of.


Let me see if I understand the question. You would like to plug three phase mains directly into the inverter in order to charge the HV battery?

Please don’t do this.

It is generally highly discouraged to charge the HV battery by any external means. Some people have built special HV power supplies, or used old physics lab HV power supplies, to charge their batteries, but the risk is high relative to the benefit. If you are very, very serious, then you should look into an aftermarket plug-in conversion of your car, or sell your car and use the money build your own electric vehicle.

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I always [refer to go to mechanic to do the things otherwise i will stuck between these.


You really have a rare automobile. The batteriy pack doesn’t care who made the charger. The important items that must be considered are TYPE of battery VOLTAGE, AMP HR of the pack and Your supply Voltage.

Zivan makes a charger to fit most applications and would probably be able to supply a replacement to fit your requirements.

What year is your car. Is it an A4 DUO III? Does it have AGM batteries. Have you had the condition of the batteries checked. The AGM, NIMH, GEL, and Lead Acid batteries batteries have a life span of 5 to 9 years. The current Lithium Ion units that are being installed in current production look like they will go 10+ years.

Your car is pretty unique and I would urge you to use your AUDI service. They may not know much, due to it’s rarity, but every one else will know less.


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