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I love the the idea of an electric car.
If I am not mistaken I can take any 230/460 volt 3 phase electric ac 10hp motor, get the right controller and proper battery pack . Fab a tranny adapter, motor mounts, shaft adapter. Put it in a 1985 fiero about 3000 lbs. I’ve looked into the battery scene and they recomend th 6 volt battery it’s $160 and take twice as many as the 12volt yellow top optima for for about $170. I understand the 6volt gives more amps at once. Ten 12 volts should power the car. I would love to use a 40 hp, but budgets bite.It should do about fourty for 50 miles,for three years, or am i wrong?

Well, good luck finding an AC inverter for that AC motor you propose… you need one that takes a DC input and converts to AC

Next up is range, 40-50 miles would take about 10kw of batteries at the least. You mention Optima yellow tops, there are several flavors… I’ll assume you were talking about the 75Ah D31A’s

120V worth of 12V batteries at 75Ah would get you 9000Wh, so you’re getting close…I’d say 40miles on the high side… but its doable.

The inverter is going to cost you alot though.

I’m trying to learn all about that. The controllers are confusing to say the least. I’ve been seeing these industrial controlers that the motors where intended to run with. they’re all variable if they had some kind of remote feeback from one of those pot pedal’s. I’m still in EV 101 still. thanks for the reply.

How about using those 4000 watt inverters to make ac from dc?

Hi i am new to EV and looking for info I have an 86 Fiero GT and want to go electric and i know it will take 20 to 25 HP to go 75 MPH that is 18650 watts now my ? is how many what hours do i need to go 1 mile at that speed is it 248 i got that by taking 18650 divded by 75 is this the correct way to do it

I am new to this forum … hope will get more info about ev …


[QUOTE=umurali2000;6134]I am new to this forum … hope will get more info about ev …


Welcome Murali. So your website sells parts for EV is that interior or exterior?

hi! newbie here:)