Sprockets and Gear Calculation question

Where do you guys get your sprockets? I need one for an ADC-4009 motor.

I was also wondering about gear calculations, can I just divide the number of teeth on my front sprocket by the number on my rear one and then multiply that by my motor’s RPM and tire circumference to get my speed?

You got it - but remember that using motor rpm will give you vehicle speed in miles per minute. For sprockets a farm supply store is most likely your best bet.

for front sprockets… if you have #50 (530) chain, go to www.surpluscenter.com under “power transmission”

they have all sorts of #50 chain, sprockets, hubs, adapaters… just be aware, that 520 chain won’t work with #50. There are only a few sizes that match ANSI.

My adc K91-4003 motor has a 7/8 shaft 2" long with a keyway. They’ve got sprockets from 10T up to like 50 or 60 teeth, on a 7/8 hub.

For the rear, sprocketspecialists.com has the cheapest I could find, with the best customer feedback.