12 to 13 Tooth Front Sprocket - Nothing to Write Home About

Replaced the 12 tooth front sprocket with a 13 tooth one on my 1989 Suzuki Katana GSX600F yesterday. The rear is the original stock 47 tooth one. I didn’t have to add any links to the chain after adding 3 or 4 initially for the conversion as the motor sits further away than the engine/transmission had.

I think I may be getting 2 MPH more on the top speed maybe a little more somewhere around high 30’s, ie 38 MPH. The good news is the bike is not any slower off the line. So I question all the people who told me electric bikes need to run a 5:1 gear ratio, that or I misunderstood their advice.

Posted this here so more eyes could see it, as the Motorcycle section of this forum is on hiatus, lol

Bike Specs:
[li]Mars ME0709 motor (heavy)[/li][li]48 Volt Alltrax 300 amp controller (soon to be upgraded to 72 volts)[/li][li]four 55 Ah sealed lead acid batteries (soon to be six)[/li][li]48 volt Elcon 20 amp on board charger I[/I][/li][li]Magura Twist Grip Throttle (kinda cheap and plasticky)[/li][/ul]