Sprocket Hell!

Okay, finding sprockets isn’t all that easy! Finding regular “keyed” sprockets is easy… But the two motors I’m using have a 6 spline shaft. I’ve found older model motorcycle sprockets on ebay that have a 6 spline hole, but I can’t seem to find the right one as far as bore diameter. I’ve looked on sprocket manufacturers’ websites, but I still find no 6 spline… Only keyed or smooth. Does anyone have a good source? Could I just use a smooth bore with setscrews, or would it be too much torque? Help!

Well before I found a website that had my sprockets I was considering welding the sprocket that came with the motor to one that I was planning on buying that had a slightly bigger inner diameter than the bore. A good weld should hold up.

Try Applied Industrial Products or Motion Industries. They sell sprockets for every occasion. They should have a local distributer in your area. They are both nationwide and cater to manufacturers but I think they sell to the public. They deal in power transmission (ie. electric motors, sprockets, chains, etc.). If they can’t help, look at http://www.martinsprocket.com/, its all they do. One of these companies should be able to custom a sprocket for you or get one the size you need and have a machine shop cut splines for you.

I hope this helps.

Thanks for the info gentlemen!