Some help with my 74 Bug conversion?

Hi all,

Thanks for clicking first off. I’m a bit desperate for help here. Just want to drive my converted bug but it seems to have some issues right now.

So here are the specs:
Jack & Heintz G-29 shunt electric motor - 10Hp nominal, 30 Hp peak
24 volt AGM Deep Cycle field voltage battery
72V - 2 x 72 volt (6x12V batteries) for a total of 12 batteries in series/parallel
Alltrax 7245 Controller
Zivan NG-1 charger

With the current configuration, the car ran and ran well. There was a problem with one of the charger output cables and when waiting for the part some of the batteries discharged lower than the charger could recharge them. The charger problem fixed, the batteries were all fully charged individually until the charger could top them off BUT afterwards the car would not move (or at best turtle crawl) forward in gear. Now the engine will rev high when out of gear, but when the clutch is dropped - nothing.


  • amp meter is not passing 100 where normally it would get as high as 300
  • volt meter is not dropping when car is turtle crawling


  • Could this be an issue with 24v field pack? Possibly a bad connection?
  • Maybe I’m not grounding the main battery pack correctly? Where should it be grounded?

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I want to drive my glorified golf cart to work.


Best tip I can tell you is go to a forum folks read and participate in like this one There you will get several replies in a day, instead of one per month here. :wink:

posted it in the
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thanks a lot for the lead!