Error code 27

I am continuing to get an error code 27. On my 2001 Gem I have had all the batteries checked and they all tested good. I charge the batteries to 100% and take a ride. Not every ride but when there is a load like pulling a short steep hill I will get the code 27. I have to turn the key off and back on again to get the cart going again. My battery’s will drop to 65% immediately after the error code. There has been no mods to this car. Looking for what to check next

Assuming all your connections are bright and tight your have 1 or more batteries that are at the end of their life. As the charge in your batteries is depleted the voltage goes down. When you are under power, and the voltage is reduced to a certain level, the DC converter cannot maintain programmed power levels and sets a code 27. Turning the switch off and back on resets and if you feather foot it you can usually go farther until you can recharge. This is a sign that your batteries need to be replaced.

What type of batteries do you have? How old are they?

The batteries are Duracell 31DTMAGMs they are just over a year old. I pulled all the batteries and had each one tested. Each battery came back tested Good. I have also charged each battery individualky while they were out. I ckeaned all connections on the batteries and in the cables.
Still trying to figure out why I am getting the 27 error code

Check your brakes for dragging. Other than that your in hilly country. These batteries are not golf cart batteries and while giving adequate service on flat land are not a good choice for your terrain.

I would venture to guess you have no trouble on a fresh charge but your problems starts after you have 7 or 8 miles on it after a charge. My original post still stands, When under load and climbing voltage drops to the trigger point and sets the code. You have a 2001 has the charger been upgraded to properly charge AGM’s. They didn’t exist when your cart was built and the Zivans of the day were set up for floodeds. AGM’s and Gel’s deteriorate if charged on the flooded setting.

What Motor do you have, What ratio gearbox, do you have oversize tires and wheels? What is the diameter of your tires? Do you feather foot it climbing or go flat out? Some 2001’s had 8.9 gearboxes which are great for cruising but draw tons of amps when hills are involved.

I really don’t think it’s broke

I have pulled all the wheels and cleaned and checked the brakes. I have added the helper springs as well.

Jack up each corner. Should not be any drag.

I have checked them when I had it jacked up. The wheels soin freely with no brake drag

You might consider a BATT SIX unit. It tells you condition of all 6 batteries in real time.

That looks like a good producr. Do you think I am getting the error code because of one or more batteries not providing the right voltage

You only need 1 bad cell to mess you up. The guy makes Batt Sixes in various configurations. The one with a dash display is the most popular.

I am beginning to think my charger may be the culprit. I ran the cart for two miles and when I got home my the BDI indicated I was down to 80%. I plugged in the charger and it ran for only 3 minutes and shut off. I unplugged ir and checked the BDI and it showed 60%. I plugged the charger back in again and it ran again for only a couple of minutes.
Is there a way to check the charger?

Send it in to FSIP and they will evaluate it. What brand do you have?

It is a Schott

Oh man that puppy is out of print and no longer serviced by anybody, This was a Flooded only charger . No matter what you need to replace it. Hopefully with a modern unit that has an AGM specific Algorithm.

Would you recommed a Zivan

For sure - best charger out there. HOWEVER If you buy new (recommended) it will include programming for your batteries and automatic top off for long term storage,

If you buy used it MAY NOT have these features, AGM is a recent kid on the block. Zivan is upgradeable but your much better off buying a new unit that is 100% up to date.

I have ordered a new Zivan through Elcon. They indicated it would be ready in 2 weeks. I hope this solves my issues.

Keep us in the loop

Just and update. I bought a new Zivan charger to replace the Schott charger and installed it this weekend. Before the install I had an an error code 15. Figured the batteries were low as the GEM is at our vacation home and I havent been there for a month. the install went fine as best I can tell. Plugged it in and it ran get me the a solid red light went eventually changed to a flashing red light which then changed to a flashing yellow light. It ran for ten hours and never changed to a green light. I pulled the plug to check the BDI and it indicated 100 percent charge. Plugged the charger back in and it still was flashing yellow and the charger was running. I was afraid to let it run longer so I unplugged and we had to leave the lake house. Do I have a problem or can it take more than 10 hours to charge the batteries if they were really low?

Your operation was normal. If the batteries are OK, after a few cycles you will get a green.You need to plug in the charger every 2 weeks unless it has the automatic Top Off feature.